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Possible World Record Brook Trout at Igloo Lake Lodge!

September 8, 2017

Yesterday was a very special day at the beautiful Igloo Lake Lodge as we had a very honourable gentleman catch & release a 10.4 pound Brook Trout! Bravo to Alan Madden who successfully landed the monster brook trout on a 10 pound test line (which we understand) makes this a World Record catch on this specific line class.
Overall, an outstanding week fishing for brookies with 20+ brookies being caught each day at Burton's Pond and some very chunky brook trout (several up to 7 1/2 pounds) being caught and released at Igloo Lake. Nice to have repeat guests visiting the lodge - good seeing you Gary Brown (3rd visit in past 20 years).
Our last group of guests (9) arrived today for the 2017 season.
Tomorrow we may be visiting the foot hills of the Torngat Mountains to fly fish for trophy Arctic Char.
Lots of renovations taking place this week at Igloo. Jim has new digs at Labrador Room, plumbers (Keith & Jamie) are here replacing all water lines under 3 buildings, carpenters arrive Monday to build a new 16 X 20 Generator House (we have a new Lister diesel) & our Diesel Control and Equipment electrical will arrive on Thursday to finish wiring our new generator - lots of new exciting things happening at Igloo Lake!
Photo is Alan's hand and large 10.4 pound Brook Trout. Video of the monster brook trout will be uploaded soon. :)

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