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Interesting flyfishing stories from Igloo Lake!

July 29, 2015

We had an email today from Rune & Inger and they wanted to share some interesting (funny) stories from their fishing experiences at the beautiful Igloo Lake lOdge last week.

Runes email to us -
As Inger and I was casting in the boat our lines crossed, and we stripped the mudlers towards each other. At the same time as the two flies met they were both taken by a nice five pound brook trout! So we both could reel it in :-).

Another time Inger had a nice fish and took a picture. The flie was just dropped in the water by the boat. At same time as she finished posing with the fish, another Trout took the fly on the water close to the boat, so she could just turn around and reel in a new nice four pounder !

I think we got about 40-50 fish above 3 pounds during our week. Most of them in Burtons lake, but largest ones in Igloo lake. Largest I got was estimated by Colin to be about 8 pounds.

Kind regards,
Rune and Inger

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