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Burton's Pond offers Hot Fishing!

July 17, 2015

Today is switch day at the beautiful Igloo Lake Lodge and departing guests are commenting that brook trout fishing at Burton's Pond is exceptional. We would like to thank departing guides, Edwin Dominey, Perry Vey & Perry Munro for their outstanding workmanship in guiding this summer - thank your gentlemen! Here's a recent Facebook posting from Perry Munro:
I arrived at Igloo Lake in early June to guide a few weeks at the Lodge. I had been here last year as a guest and caught some wonderful Brook Trout and looked forward to a longer stay with different anglers. I sometimes get tired of my own company. The season started in earnest with the start of the sucker spawn in mid June. The trout were in a brook and its estuary in Burtons pond and it was not unusual for 10-12 anglers to catch 150 trout from 2-5 lbs a day. This went on for about 10 days and we then proceeded to have the mayfly hatches which moved into the caddis and then the green drake. The weather turned cold and wet and slowed everything down and that continued until the present. During this time Burtons Pond gave some wonderful catches on streamers and bombers. The bigger fish where on Igloo Lake and hatches on Mayfly Island and Dump island produced some great fish 5 -7.5 lbs. The Stream on the outlet of Igloo Lake gave good fishing all the way to Archies and Sisters Pool . The size was smaller 1-3 lbs but great stream fishing. The Outlet itself the Cabin Pool had larger trout and was a short walk from the Lodge. In all I believe everyone caught some great fish and in my case two anglers I guided caught 11 trout over 5 lbs a couple days ago most on a dry fly. I am leaving tomorrow and I know the guides are looking forward to the fishing at Honey Hole on Igloo lake as the fish gather there late summer. In all I know I netted hundreds of brook trout with different anglers and all expressed their satisfaction to me on their experience at Igloo Lake.

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