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Angler Comments

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Date Comment Name & Location
Sep 16/20 Second time Back. Will be back again for sure! To watch my son learn, to hook and land his own fish. Thanks to the staff! Had an awesome fly fishing trip! THE BEST!!
Chris & Nick Crosbie
Bay Roberts, NL
Sep 16/20 Best 4 days fishing of my life. Fantastic staff and food. River fishing was awesome, lots of 4-6 pound trout. to top it all off I managed to land a massive 9 pound MONSTER on the last day of the season. Just amazing, see you again sometime. Ryan Lomond
Sep 16/20 Great 4 days fishing, great guides, great food.....Everything great!
Eneas Lomond
Margaree, NL
Sep 12/20 Best 4 days for fishing EVER!! Everything and everyone was great!
Wayne Rogers
Halifax, NS
Sep 12/20 A trip not to be believed. Awesome fishing for the last four days of the COVID-19 Season......Hope there is never another year like this one. Thanks to the Guides and Rosie they made our stay safe and fun. We will be back for the hatch! Bert Caines
Halifax, NS
Aug 31/20 Thanks for taking great care of us Rosie, great trip, some tough fishing, love to be here for the Mayfly Hatch!
Mike "Aussie" Siegman
St. John's, NL
Aug 31/20 Great trip, great food, great guides!! Greg Willoughby
Charlottetown, PEI
Aug 31/20 Awesome trip and Rosie took absolutely wonderful care of us. See Ya'll next time! BJ Laechelin
St. John's, NL
Aug 31/20 Thanks for the great time. Really enjoyed my time here Alan Iwasaki
St. John's, NL
Aug 25/20 Our first time at Igloo Lake Lodge and what an outstanding 6 day fishing trip. We all hooked Brookies ranging from 1-8 pounds and also had some fun with the Northern Pike. The Lodging is very comfortable, the cooked meals and deserts were superb! Thanks Rosie. The guides are awesome, we all learned a lot about fishing for the Big Brookies of Igloo Lake. Joe Penney made the 8-pounder club TWICE!! Igloo Lake Lodge is a first-class, fly-fishing lodge and a big thanks to you all for such a wonderful experience.

Darren Wicks
Joe Penney
Mike Foley
Maurice Geange
Darren Wicks
Gander, NL
Aug 21/20 First time to Igloo Lake Lodge!! Wasn't sure what to expect when we arrived, just hoping to see some big brook trout. It was 27 degrees for 3 days but that didn't stop the fish from going savage over the flies. We had some nice action on all parts of the river including a 5 pounder down at Archie's. To top it all off we had one morning fishing that produced 24 hook ups with 15 landed in the boat. Several 5-7 pound and one large brute that was over 8 pounds. Our guide Mike was more excited than us. Had a double header on once. At one point he told us it was time to leave for lunch and I said not yet "Fish On" Landed one more after that...yahoo!! Overall despite the weather conditions the fish are always there. As quote by Mike "Keep casting boys keep casting" great guy! And as always Roseann treated us like her little chicks, always under her wing. Don't mess with her system....Lol. If you are reading this you obviously know what I'm talking about.

Cheers All, Tight Lines
Thanks Igloo Lake until next time!
Dave Patey & Byron Carville
Dave Patey & Byron Carville
Clarenville, NL
Aug 19/20 I've done a lot of fishing for trout and salmon but coming here and fishing for these Big Brookies is crazy. I have never experienced anything like this before. The people here are so kind, knowledgeable and friendly. A lifetime experience to say the least. I will be back! Jacob Oake
Corner Brook, NL
Aug 12/20 My journey to Igloo Lake started about 8 years ago at a local fundraiser. At the time Jim Burton was the owner and relentless promoter of the large Brookies in Labrador. 8 years later I can attest Jim was right! We had a fantastic 3 days of fishing, lots of large Brook trout, my first Northern Pike and I will leave with many memories and new friends. The guides are fantastic (Mike Rocks!) and Roseann is the master behind all the great meals. To the new owners Craig and Steve, who I have known for many years, I am delighted to know the future of Igloo Lake is in good hands. The Tourism Industry in NL is in good hands with people like you. Good Luck, I will be back!!

Dwight Ball
Premier, NL
Dwight Ball
Premier NL
Aug 12/20 Our trip started with a great flight from Goose Bay piloted by Jim Burton in the legendary Beaver Aircraft. It was a great start to an amazing 3 days of the best brook trout fishing in the world. Jim, as the previous owner has done an outstanding job as the steward of this wonderful and natural resource. Brookies ranging from 2-8 pounds are common as a result of the conservation measures during the past years. Well Done!
In addition the meals and accommodations are first class and the guides are exceptional. Igloo Lake is certainly worthy of a" World Class" destination. I wish the new owners all the best and a huge thank you for a wonderful and remarkable experience.

Jamie Schwartz
Jamie Schwartz
Corner Brook, NL
Aug 12/20 I've been doing TV shows at Igloo Lake Lodge since the late 80's and can attest that there are more and bigger brookies then in the past. I would recommend it to anyone as a World Class Fly-Fishing destination!

God Bless you,
Italo Labignan & Canadian SportFishing Show
Italo Labignan
Ontario, Canada
Aug 11/20 So proud, grateful & feeling privileged to be part of a family passionate about adding life & success to others through many pursuits especially as it applies to Sports-fishing!! Thank you dad & my brother Jim for everything you do and for being who you are-"World Class Finest Best of The Best All Around" Fantastic trip I'll never forget! With my 15-year-old awesome son Vincent-we maybe smashed records, 5 Monster brookies under an hour!

Thank you Roseann, Edwin, Alvin, Mike
Thank you Craig!
Dad and Jim-You are amazing!

Rob Burton
Rob Burton
St. John's
Aug 11/20 Lovely few days here at the great Igloo Lake Lodge. We were here from August 7-11th. Fishing was fantastic. Very nice having my son Rob, my grandson Vincent and of course my son Jim here with us...he did all the arrangements. Thanks Jim! Great flight in the Beaver. Have to give my thanks to all the staff and especially the Chef, Roseann. Thank you Craig!

Former Owner
Vince Burton
Vince Burton
St. John's
Jul 30/20 Just enjoying the best week of Brook trout fishing ever! Dry fly fishing at Burtons Pond, streamer fishing on the main lake and casting mice patterns on the river....all was incredible. Best day was casting dry flies for 4-5 lb Brookies, fish rising all around us. Biggest fish was a 20 lb Salmon (male) at Owl Brook followed by a 7 lb Brook trout at Honey Hole (Igloo Lake). Our guide (Travis) was knowledgeable, funny and always there to help. Roseann's cooking is second-to-none, she is not a cook but really a Chef! All the staff here are fabulous, funny and make you feel like part of the family. Cannot say enough about this place, fishery and people. Truly one of the best lodges we've ever visited in 20 years of making our TV show!

Thanks so much,

Colin McKeown
The New Fly Fisher
Colin Mckeown
Ottawa, ON
Jul 26/20 First trip, I'll make this short and sweet....like myself lol! We had a great trip, great staff, great guide, great food, great owners, great pilot, great lodge! All the best Randy & Ronnie Oake Randy Oake
Fogo, NL
Jul 26/20 My first trip to Igloo was one I'll never forget. Our guide Travis was awesome! He puts a lot of hard work and patients into helping you catch the big brookies! Hi knowledge of the outdoors is amazing. Also a big thanks to Roseann for the incredible meals......I'll mis that for sure! Until next time, Andrew Butler & Craig Piercey. Andrew Butler
St John's, NL
Jul 23/20 We had a wonderful trip again this year. Great service, great food, and great guests. Lots of memories were made over our 9 days. I personally caught 2 trout over 9 lbs by day 3. Looking forward to returning in 2021 for my 8th trip. Brian Cuming
New Brunswick
Jul 23/20 Another Fabulous trip to Igloo Lake Lodge, fishing was great, and the meals were excellent!! This was my 6th trip and reuniting with my friends is always a terrific experience. Hopefully we'll meet again next year. Gordon Cuming
New Brunswick
Jul 23/20 This morning we sadly say good bye to Igloo and its gang. And although we will remember the "Huge Brookies" (and many, many growing to get there) it is the people who will be remembered the most.
Thank you to Rosie, Mike, Edwin, Alvin, Travis, Derek, Owners Steve and Craig-as well as Pilot Jim.
Be healthy and happy and we'll look forward to seeing you again in June 2021!
Wade Barry - Upper Cornwall, NS
Mike Heal - Bridgewater, NS
Wade Barry
Upper Cornwall, NS
Jul 19/20 This was my first trip to Igloo Lake Lodge. I always wanted to come here, and it finally came true. While we had hot weather while we were here we did great! To top it all off my last day I hooked 18 fish at the Honey Hole and landed 9 of them, all big fish. To say it has been a great trip would be an understatement...Fantastic. Bradley Waye
Grand Falls, NL
Jul 16/20 Done some electrical work and fishing, awesome place! Great staff and accommodations. Great Trip!
Chris Lush, Jeremy Moores, Steve Warren & Matt Ball
Chris Lush
Gander, NL


Date Comment Name & Location
Sep 15/19 Our first trip to Igloo Lake was wonderful. The staff were accommodating, and we had a great experience fishing! Thank you to Rod and Zach for guiding us around the Lake and River. Until next time!!
Johnathon Earle
St. John's, NL
Sep 13/19 Fantastic trip had the most wonderful time. Surpassed our expectations. The experience is one we will always treasure. Fishing was a blast, food was superb, staff was friendly, funny and made the trip delightful. Would definitely recommend this lodge. Thanks so much for the great time! Trudy & Ephraim
St. John's, NL
Sep 13/19 This has been our first fishing trip ever! What a great start. We couldn't have asked for better weather, fishing, food and camp staff. Teaching us the art of fly fishing, with great patience and humour was ED. He made the whole adventure fun and informative. Looking forward to our next trip up here. Many Thanks!! Helle & Chris
St. John's, NL
Sep 13/19 Our first trip to Igloo Lake was a great experience. The ride in on the Beaver with Jim was awesome! So much scenery to enjoy. Roseann the food was wonderful, no chance of going hungry or losing weight! Great days on the water & the river. Lots of tales told around the dinner table. Looking forward to another trip back so Mike can find us the "Big One" Great spot, great people.....Fantastic experience! Nick & Mary Ryan
St. John's, NL
Sep 10/19 Great trip which passed too quickly. Thank you Jim & Craig – both gentlemen of the first order.
The weather was the main topic of conversation. Not every day you get a hurricane. The fishing suffered because of it, however the guests made it a great trip and I have made a lot of new friends. The food was great. Thank you to Roseann.
The guiding staff were top notch. Rod & I got on great. A good guide and companion.
The catch and release policy is a credit to the Burton Family.
Ian Gall
St. John's, NL
Sep 09/19 Wonderful, relaxing & fun 3rd trip to Igloo Lake Lodge!
Thank you to Zach our amazing guide, such a great young man!
Roaseann – lovely meals everyday, thank you.
Great mixture of guests we had a wonderful time and many laughs.
Many thanks to Jim as always for all you do for us! Lots of memories here!
Craig & Steve – wishing you much success with the Lodge as new owners!
Regina & Glenn Russell
St. John's, NL
Sep 09/19 Took me years to get here! Thanks Jim for not giving up on me. Spectacular location, great people and wonderful fishing experience. Plus great eating compliments of Roseann. You all make a super team! Stephen Finestone
Ottawa, ON
Sep 09/19 Excellent trip!!! Good fishing! Phil Goudie
Sep 09/19 Great trip to Igloo! Fantastic staff! Weather wasn’t great but what can you do? Myself & Phil enjoyed ourselves! David Budgell
Sep 07/19 In The Loop Fishing Magazine

Had an incredible time here at Igloo Lake Lodge and managed to land a whopping “35” 3lb+ brook trout – despite challenging conditions that prevented us from fishing the lake four out of six days.
Biggest fish of the trip was a stunning male out of Beaver Pond that weighed in at over 8 pounds! Article in the making .

Martin and Rasmus
Sep 07/19 Every time my son hooked into a monster Brookie, my eyes would tear up. It was special to watch him fly fish in such a beautiful land. We had a wonderful day trip to the foothills of the Torngat Mountains, it was amazing! This was our second trip to Igloo Lake Lodge and we are planning our 3rd.

Ron Ferguson
Westfield, NB
Sep 07/19 It was an amazing trip with my Dad. We caught a bunch of monster brookies in the River! We flew to the foothills of the Torngat Mountains with our guide Edwin and pilot Jim and fished for Arctic Char. We all had a blast! Thank you Jim for showing me many wonderful things about the 1951 Beaver. Rosie is a really nice person and the best cook, her food is the best. My buddy and guide Ed is a great friend and the best teacher, he taught me his tricks to fly fishing. We caught a pile of monster brookies together. It was an honor to be the copilot of the best bush pilot in the world. Thank you Jim for inspiring me to become a pilot, you’re a great person.

Russell Ferguson
Westfield, NB
Sep 07/19 Thanks for a great trip. Weather made it tough to fish sometimes. Caught some beautiful trout, had a great time with a great bunch of guys. Staff was outstanding. Jim was accommodating and professional. Guides were knowledgeable and helpful. Take care.

Spade Phalen
Strafford, NH
Sep 07/19 This is my 4th trip to Labrador. 1st to this Lodge. the weather was challenging. We still caught beautiful Brookies! Great time, good people, cook staff and guides were awesome. Fantastic cooking by Roseann, she made sure we did not go hungry. I would highly recommend this Lodge for great trout fishing.

Mark Fifield
Concord, NH
Sep 07/19 Great experience @ the Lodge. We were fortunate to meet Rasmus & Martin, Spade & Mark and Ron & Russell. Great stories and lots of laughs. Tail winds from Hurricane Dorian made for challenging angling. Thank you Rose for looking after us and all the staff for the great memories.

Jack Ashizawa – Cole Harbour, NS Al Fraser
Gairloch Lake, NS
Sep 02/19 Fantastic trip per usual. Great times with family and friends. Fish were plentiful. This Lodge holds a special place in my heart. Over the last 20 years there have been so many memories. Hopefully this wont be the last time. Thank you to Craig, Jim, cooks and all the guides over the years. An thanks most of all to my grandfather Vince. The true master guide and great outdoorsman. Love you all and this Lodge.
PS….. I could not finish this without an ode to my Nanny – Dorothy Burton. Truly brought the magic to this wonderful place.
Ben Burton
St. John's, NL
Aug 30/19 Do the Char Lake fly-out! We had a perfect day – landed 80 fish (in 5 hours of fishing)! 14 to 25 inches, mostly female. It’s worth it!
Love the Bowl at Igloo and Burton’s Pond!

Frank Sorbero
Glenfield, NY
Aug 30/19 My 9th trip to Igloo! Great time with my son and friends. Great camp, crew and food. Got to spend my birthday here this year! Vince Burton, my long time buddy was in for a day and it was great to see him!
All the best!

Thanks to Jim, Steve & Craig
Bill Mahoney
Haverhill, MA
Aug 30/19 I was lucky enough to spend my Dad’s birthday with him here at Igloo Lake! Absolutely great experience with great people and great fish!
Thank for everything Igloo!

Ryan Mahoney
Haverhill, MA
Aug 30/19 Quest Kodiak Seaplane from Rangeley, Maine to Igloo Lake Lodge with a great crew. Lots of fish and the nicest brook trout that I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to come back!

Keith Deschanseault Mark Jaffarian
Acadian Seaplanes
Aug 23/19 Totally Awesome 2 weeks at Igloo Lake Lodge! Depressed that I am departing today. Roseann’s kitchen is the best! I gained a few extra pounds this week. The guides are awesome, one and all.
My largest brookie was 6.5 pounds with a couple of 5 to 6 lb’ers close behind. Char Lake angling was awesome and the 3 of us landed close to 100 Char in 6 hours. Thanks Derek for keeping the infrastructure in tip top shape. Head guide Edwin kept the fishing exciting and guides Zach, Travis, Rod, Alvin and Mike are exceptional professionals. Thank you all for a PERFECT brook trout adventure.
PS……Thanks Jim & Craig.

Ed Bachiero
Longmeadow, MA
Aug 23/19 Great trip to Igloo Lake Lodge. Cannot say enough about the friendly staff, great guides and awesome fishing! Hope to return one day for the Arctic Char fly-out!
Thank you to all!

Chris Zarba
Lunenburg, MA
Aug 23/19 What an OUTSTANDING LODGE!
I had a truly fantastic experience! I loved everything about the week. GREAT FISHING, GREAT STAFF, GREAT FOOD! Roseann is amazing! Really enjoyed all your guides! I will definitely be back sometime!
Best Regards,
Ken Babineau
Sarasota, FL
Aug 23/19 I don’t think there is a finer fly-in Lodge available! The Labrador Room was perfect!
The guides – exceptional! Igloo Lake truly felt like home for a week. Roseann provided fantastic food morning, noon and night (loved that chicken for lunch and of course……steak night!).
Special thanks to Jim & Craig for the Char fly-out! What an amazing day! Would love to return for that alone!

Andrew Forauer
Hanover, NH
Aug 23/19 Really enjoyed my week at the Lodge. The accommodations were comfortable & welcoming. Had a chance to go fishing with each guide at the Lodge (we had a group of 10) and they were knowledgeable making each day an adventure! Always looking forward to the tasty & filling meals. Thanks for the great week!

Mark Sheridan
Windsor Rocks, CT
Aug 23/19 Thank you everyone at Igloo Lake Lodge. Your effort and character provided such a cherished experience. You are a great group of people, all with something special to share! With this being my first travelling fishing trip, I did not know what to expect. The food was awesome! Your hospitality was comfortable. You all made me feel right at home, like a Newfie even! I hope our paths cross once again. You’re surely part of great memories of here. I ate like a King! I flew out to Char Lake and caught many Char and se run Brookies, which was unbelievable! I caught the largest Brook Trout on the end of my fly line! Travis helped me hunt down my first ever Northern Pike! Thank you Roseann, Mike, Travis, Zach, Derek, Edwin and Rod! Stop and smell the roses, Igloo Lake and this whole area are truly remarkable!

Jeremy Kuralowicz
Keene, NH
Aug 23/19 Thanks for helping me get my bucket list Brookie! Food and Guides were great!
Steve Morawski
Russell, MA
Aug 15/19 Had a great time with the staff and fishing! The food and accomodations were great!
Best Regards!

Bob Bauchiero
Rescoe, IL
Aug 15/19 Great trip! Great fishing! Wonderful accommodations!
Hats off the guides & staff! Compliments to the Chef. Fabulous hard worker and only the best for Roseann. Thanks to Mike, Travis & Zach.
What a blast! We’ll be back!

Mark Seymour & John Hunter
Leverett, MA
Aug 15/19 Great trip with many brook trout caught with the help of the excellent guides who were attentive to our various needs. Food was outstanding thanks to Roseann!

Tom LeBlanc
Easthampton, MA
Aug 15/19 Fantastic Trip – guides and staff were first rate! I would love to come back!
The fishing was on parr with the best I’ve had! Thanks!

Mike Desjarlais
Albuquerque, NM
Aug 15/19 Great time with great friends and a awesome guide & Lodge staff (Top Class). Hope the Lodge continues to strive!
Best Brookies around!!! Beautiful area!
Tight lines and best wishes!

Frank Ott
Longmeadow, MA
Aug 15/19 Thank you to the great guides and staff at Igloo Lake Lodge!
We all had a great week of fishing!

Aaron Rubin
Cambridge, MA
Aug 15/19 Great week – thank you!

Rich Rubin
Amherst, MA
Aug 09/19 Great trip! Huge Drake Hatch!
Lots of fish – my partner and I boated over “40” in the 4 – 7 pound range!

Gary Hebert
Swanzey, NH
Aug 09/19 It was our first time to the Eagle River headwaters, but it won’t be our last. Igloo, Burton’s & the river all provided a snapshot of a prehistoric world where fish & wildlife enjoy an unmarred and interconnected ecosystem. We witnessed some of the most incredible hours of fishing and natural spectacle in our lives; casting giant dry flies to hundreds of rising brook trout all over 5 pounds!
We were invited to document the incredible fishery on video, and it did not disappoint.
The staff was incredible, the guides top-notch, and the amenities second to none. I think we ate better here than we have all year at home!
Thanks for the memories!

Chase & Aimee
Tight Loops
Chase & Aimee Bartee
Tight Loops
Aug 09/19 “Bucket list” trip with my grandson Ben.
He beat his 3.8 lb Maine Brookie with a 5.25lb Igloo Brookie! Finally beat my Pierce Pond, ME 5.8lb with an Igloo Lake 6.6 Lb Brookie! We saw much bigger one come out of the water. Finest square tails I’ve ever seen – real footballs!

Bruce Ebbeson & Ben Marien
Holden, MA
Aug 09/19 I got my first “8” pounder on my birthday! Great fishing trip with a lot of rain.
Carl Racie
Athol, Mass
Aug 09/19 Celebrated my Dad’s 78th birthday at Igloo Lake. He ended the week landing over a dozen brook trout over 5 pounds & a memorable “8” pounder! Alvin was an excellent guide and companion and Roseann was fantastic providing us food. Wonderful trip with my Dad & friends!

Timothy Racie
Acton, MA
Aug 09/19 Another great trip to Igloo. We caught a lot of monster brookies and the river was fishing great! Thanks to all the guides and Roseann for taking care of us as usual.

Darren & Mike Miller
Bedford & Athol, MA
Aug 06/19 No words can describe the fantastic experience of fishing with and being a guest of Jim, Craig and Steve.
11 nights on Owl Brook with the Salmon leaping with Joy out of the mouth of Owl Brook. We had exceptional salmon fishing with some memorable runs by hooked salmon out 175+ yards into the backing. (40 Salmon hooked & lost / 30 landed)
The accommodations at Owl Brook were what we made them. Time by the fire with a glass of scotch between time spent hooking (and landing) some of the most majestic and strong salmon we have found in Labrador!
Thank you Jim!
Steve Tobi
Sheridan, Wyoming
Aug 06/19 To the Igloo Lake Lodge Family with special thanks to Jim Burton and memories of Calvin Burton. The ninth trip with Jim Burton and fourth trip to the Upper Eagle River (Owl Brook) via Igloo Lake Lodge was Fantastic!
The only downside of this trip was we didn’t have an opportunity to spend the night at Igloo Lake Lodge after “eleven” nights at Owl Brook.
The fishing at Owl Brook was challenging and rewarding: we landed two – 25lb Salmon, Brookies to 6 lbs and huge Pike!
The fishing was great – of course – but the Igloo Lake Lodge Family is Tops! No trip can go without acknowledging Jim’s beautiful yellow bird!
Michael Chelminski
Montgomery, Massachusetts
Aug 02/19 To all our new friends at Igloo Lake Lodge, what can I say other than it was a trip of a lifetime. From the Lake, to the River, to Burton’s Pond – they are all equally magical in their own ways.
Fishing for these beautiful brook trout has been a dream come true. To hit the Hex Hatch and the Green Drakes on Burton’s Pond was some spectacular! To land 7 gorgeous brook trout from 4 to 7 pounds each is something I’ll never forget!!! The staff and guides are exceptional and provide amazing service both on the water and here at the Lodge. All the comforts of home here in the bush! Igloo Lake Lodge is an absolute gem and a jewel, a world class Lodge and fishery!
Rob Giannino
Fly Fishing Journeys Podcast
Aug 02/19 Amazing fishing, Good friends and wonderful staff made for an amazing and memorable experience! Chris Megroz
South Londonderry, Vermont
Aug 02/19 Before I came to Igloo Lake, I had never caught a brook trout over 1lb.
Here at Igloo, I caught at least 2 brookies that would’ve beaten any Indianapolis State Record of 7lbs. Dry fly fishing for big trout here was as good or better than New Zeeland or Elk River, BC. The Lodge under Rosie’s cooking & Edwin’s guiding was first-rate. Thanks for a great week!
Mark Yasuda
Bosie, ID
Aug 02/19 Our group of 7 friends from almost 50 years ago to one new addition and my two sons came to Igloo for the legendary “Big Brook Trout.”
We were not disappointed!
Watching our green drakes floating on the surface is a sight never to be forgotten.
It was why we came and we were not disappointed!
Steve Friedman
Park City, UT
New Fly Fisher TV Show
Bill Spicer
Toronto, ON
Jul 26/19 Great memories, great fishing on our short trip! Myself & Dad can't wait to come back again! This trip was everything I expected plus MORE! Matt Pike
Jul 26/19 This was my first experience in a Lodge and what a great introduction! Strangers become friends, fishing exceeded hopes, hospitality was fantastic! Michael Fowler
Nova Scotia
Jul 26/19 Thank You! Glenn Klocko
Southington, CT
Jul 26/19 2 1/2 lb Brookie in the Brook! Only to be beat with a 5 & a 6 1/2 lb Brookie at Burton's Pond! We wish the Lodge all the best and many more years. The food was awesome! Thank you Roseann. Jim & Theresa Buscette
South Pittsburgh, TN
Jul 26/19 What a great team! It's so easy to get up each morning to outstanding hospitality and fishing! The cool clean fresh air was so welcoming! Tom & Carla Killion
Indianapolis, IN
Jul 25/19 A great time at the Igloo Lodge! We enjoyed the fishing, food and company. Your accommodations are second to none, rooms were very clean and comfortable. Your staff are all very professional & supportive. Our memories will last forever!
Many, many thanks to all!
Bob & Matthew Pike
St. John's NL
Jul 18/19 Another great trip to beautiful Igloo Lake! Great fishing, friends, food & fun! Memories that will last forever! Thanks Zach & Rosie and all the gang for a fabulous week in Paradise! Darrell Parsons
Bay Roberts, NL
Jul 18/19 This is something that my father always wanted to do! He passed away 3 years ago and I made it a promise to do it in memory of him!
We caught lots of fish but more importantly met some great people!! Thanks for everything!
Wade Reid
St. John's NL
Jul 18/19 Always considered this as not possible - but the trip of a lifetime turned out to be that and more! Special thanks to Rosy & Ed! Steve Deering
Jul 18/19 Yet another fabulous trip to the magnificent Lodge! Great food, competent friendly guides & great guests! We had a lot of fun, made friends & memories which will last forever! AND lots of Trout …….1 personal record!
Thanks for having us!
Brian & Gord Cuming
Fredricton, NB
Jul 15/19 Second trip....It only gets Better. Thanks Steve, Mike & Roseann. Gerry Kirby
St. John's, NL
Jul 15/19 This was an amazing experience, Igloo Lake is one of the last untouched natural beauties of the world. Great fishing and great hospitality. The experience of a lifetime! Doug Kirby
St. John's, NL
Jul 15/19 Had an amazing trip. Biggest brook trout I have ever seen in my life! Amazing people and an amazing place. Tyler Rideout
St. John's, NL
Jul 15/19 Had a great trip, lots of good fishing. Had a great send off party! Trip of a lifetime! Stephen Tully
Nova Scotia
Jul 12/19 Igloo Lake Lodge – what a wonderful experience!
Staff were very accommodating from guides to kitchen staff. They keep the experience pleasurable. If the effort in every facet of your life was to this standard you would live a charmed life!
Lots of fish!
Despite sometimes less than ideal conditions, the staff always stepped up to help to ensure your time was the best it could be! Thank you to our host, Mr. Steve Gillingham and the wonderful group he has in place. To get to experience “Mother Nature” and have the comforts of home is truly a lifetime experience!
Thanks again!
Joel & the Gang
St John's, NL
Jul 08/19 Another fantastic trip to Igloo Lake! Left the women @ home for this trip. A special trip for myself & Dave Greene as we were able to share the weekend with our son's Stephen Bradbury & Paddy Greene. As an added treat we had the privilege of having Jeremy Bonia & Jeremy Charles join us. Over & above the great foods served by the Igloo Lake Crew we were treated with meals by Jeremy Charles & a splendid selection of wines by Jeremy Bonia. The guides were absolutely fabulous as usual. Thanks again for a lifetime of memories. Keith Bradbury
St. John's, NL
Jul 08/19 Third trip to Igloo Lake Lodge, what a great 4 days, wind came up and put us off the Lake and onto the river system & Archies. Had a wonderful time creating memories with my son Paddy. We caught too many fish to count! Got to share the evenings with incredible food, wine & friends! Dave Greene
St. John's, NL
Jul 08/19 Good friends, food & fishing! Thank you for the hospitality and support for “Dinner for Levi.” Cheers, Jeremy Charles, (Raymond’s Restaurant, St. John's) Jeremy Charles
St. John's, NL
Jul 08/19 Second time back to Igloo Lake and couldn’t be happier! The staff, food & lodge were always great and we had a great group with us! Thanks again! Jeremy Bonia (Raymonds Restaurant, St. John's) Jeremy Bonia
St. John's, NL
Jul 08/19 First trip to Igloo Lake & Labrador – what an amazing facility & staff. All the guides were extremely accommodating and eager to educate. Mike was our guide & he was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Roseann’s food was delicious! The fishing was great and the landscape is stunning here, I cannot wait to come back! Paddy Greene
St. John's NL
Jul 07/19 First trip to Igloo Lake (3 day trip) and my first fishing experience! I caught a small one .........but as someone new, "it counts."
I had a great trip!!
Great company, great experience!
Steve Bradbury
St. John's, NL
Jul 05/19 Best Trout Trip Yet! Fantastic food! (thanks Roseann!). Great Guides (Captain Mike is the man!).
Big Trout on dries, can't beat it!
Jamie Jennings
Sackville, NS
Jul 05/19 Great trip, a real "class act" all round! Roger Carter
St. John's, NL
Jul 05/19 Unreal experience, fantastic service, guides were all soo friendly & entertaining. Best food we've had in a long time! Love to have the opportunity to come back! Robert & Paul DeMerchant
Fredricton, NB
Jul 01/19 Great weekend - beauty trout!
Excellent experience!
Shawn Pye
Gander, NL
Jul 01/19 Had a great first fly fishing trip with guide Zach! Great food & hospitality! Colby Smith
Cape Sable Island, NS
Jul 01/19 Fished June 28 - July 01. Had a great time at the Lodge and on the water! Super fishing and hospitality! Thanks for the experience! Patrick Kean
Gander, NL
Jun 19/19 Another year of top-notch service & great hospitality! Thanks so much for making this event the success it is! Staff are fantastic, food great & the people are down to earth. Thanks Again!

Eric Caldwell
Home Hardware Stores Ltd.
Jun 19/19 Trip of a lifetime! Great food, great staff, EPIC fish! See you next year!

Kevin Olsen
Calgary, AB
Jun 19/19 Incredible location, hospitality, food, and adventure. This place, the people create opportunity for stories of a lifetime. Guides were all A+, FOOD A+, cannot say enough. Thanks for an incredible time!

Curtis Lord
Bedford, NS
Jun 19/19 Craig & Steve,

Thank you for a great trip! All the guides were truly wonderful and Rosie cooked up amazing meals for us to eat. Alvin, you are a top notch fella & guide. I’d fish with you anywhere. Hope to return soon.

Chuck Reader
Grand Desert, NS
Jun 19/19 Another great trip to Igloo. Beautiful Big Trout & Pike! Fantastic hosts, Great cook, what more could you ask for.

Kevin Guest
Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia
Jun 19/19 Had a great trip with great staff, couldn’t ask for better people to be on this trip. A-1 rated!
Thanks very much for the world-class treatment!

Jim Clark
Prince Edward Island
Jun 19/19 Thanks for the great hospitality. Great time at Igloo again!

Andy Moss
Deer Lake, NL
Jun 19/19 Another great trip, thanks to all the staff!

Bob Lively
Enfield, NS
Jun 18/19 Hey Craig!
Just wanted to say once again that I had a great trip! Thank YOU & Jim for the great hospitality!
Amazing food and snacks by Roseann! Your Team of guides are second to none! A special thanks to Ed! A great experience that will be embedded in my memory bank! Let’s keep in touch!
Gar Lushman


Date Comment Name & Location
Sep 14/18 Great trip - wonderful experience!
Never in my previous experiences elsewhere have I caught brook trout like here (I didn't think they existed).
I am a complete nim rod as a fly fisherman so I can say the staff was wonderful!
Thank you very much!
Curtis Hofmann
Middle Grove, NY
Sep 14/18 Great Trip!
Lost count of noteworthy fish!
The keepers I caught, Mike & I recall;
7 - 2.5 pounders
3 - 4 pounders
One day I caught & released two 5 pounders, one 6 pounder, one 7 pounder and one 3.5 pounder! Didn't count very respectable 12 to 13 inch & smaller fish. One day over 50 keepers (27 in the morning and similar in the afternoon)! Excellent, competent & friendly staff!
Thank you very much!
Charlie Aubee
Pittsburgh, NH
Sep 14/18 Trout fishing Nirvana! The guides took great care of us and did a great job putting us on fish. We are really at home here! This is truly a very special place!

Millard Hofmann
Middle Grove, NY
Sep 06/18 Perfect little trip to Igloo Lake Lodge (3 days)! This was my second trip but this time was special as I was with my son “Sam” and he was amazed with the size of these brook trout! We simply don’t catch anything of this size in PEI or Nova Scotia! Roseann keep us as fat as the fish and our guide Travis was a wealth of information. We have loads of pictures to keep the memories fresh until next time!
Thanks for everything Jim & staff!
Dale & Sam MacDougall
Sep 06/18 I have been looking forward to this trip since January. I have been on quite a few fishing trips over the years but none of them compare to the fishing, food & friends I have enjoyed at Igloo Lake Lodge. It seems that we all live very busy lives now a days & such a place as this is like an oasis for your mind & body. Rick Squires
Sep 06/18 This was my 3rd trip to Igloo Lake Lodge and it definitely won’t be my last. Most importantly, my two boys Jacob & Luke were with me on their first fishing expedtion to Labrador. Igloo Lake did not disappoint!
From the day we stepped off the plane in Goose Bay to the day we left, customer service and safety was paramont. After a 25 minute flight in Jim’s 1951 DeHavilland Beaver we landed at Igloo Lake under clear blue skies. On final approach we even spied a large eagle hunting for a meal over Archies Pool. We were greated on the dock by the great staff who unloaded the plane with Jim and took our luggage to the main lodge. My boys, who were eager to catch their first Labrador Brookie were quickly whisked away by Chief Guide Edwin Dominey to the Bowl Pool. This was the beginning of an amazing adventure for myself & my boys.
I’d like to give a special thanks to Edwin for guiding my boys over their 4 day stay. Both boys caught their share of brook trout in the 3 to 7 pound range with Luke having won the largest fish competition with a 7+ lb brookie!b They mentioned to me numerious times how helpful, knowledgeable and patient Edwin was durng their trip.
We were well fed by Roseann and her new “sous-chef” Mike. As usual, the food and hospitality was amazing!
Mike also guided me and another guest on my second trip to Burton’s Pond. The weather was perfect and the fishing even better! Mike has a great sense of hunor and is very personable guy – thanks for the fish and the laughs.
I finished off my trip with an afternoon of fishing Archies and the brook with Edwin. My boys has departed earlier in the week so I needed a new fishng buddy – we caught lots of brookies including a stunning 5 pounder at Archies!
Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Jim & Steve for making Igloo Lake Lodge a little piece of Heaven for us to create great memories!
Our final tally:
5+ pound trout landed: 18
5+ pound trout hooked and lost: too embarrassed to say.
Under 5 pound trout: lost count after the first couple of hours.
Thanks for the amazing adventure! See you in 2019!
Ted, Luke & Jacob Williams
Mount Pearl, NL
Aug 31/18 This is my third adventure to Igloo Lake and it never fails to disappoint. What a wonderful and special corner of the planet it is.
This is Brook Trout heaven, the biggest, most lovely and powerful brookies nature has to offer. I have been privileged to tango with them once more. The autumn colours are spectacular and the brook trout at Burton's are getting even bigger. This is a mystery!
Aside from all of that, I have made new friends and enjoyed great food and conversations. I am free to talk fishing from this place......I love it!
Paul Smith
Carbonear, NL
Aug 31/18 Finally, after many years of thought - Labrador has many of the most beautiful trout on the planet. Many thanks to our guide, Ed and two Roseann for making Dave & I welcome, comfortable, & gastronomically happy.
The evening of music, singing and laughter was a wonderful touch to a great trip!
Dick Peterson
Londonderry, NH
Aug 30/18 This was my first visit to Igloo Lake for a 3 day fishing trip. Our guide was (Mike) exceptional - everything from teaching me to cast a fly rod to loaning us a few flies. He was helpful in every possible way. Our cook Roseann was a very pleasant woman and a great cook (hope I didn't gain to much weight). Even though our trip was cut short on our first date due to weather and we couldn't get on the lake due to wind on one day - our trip was a success! We landed a 5 pound Brookie & a 7.5 pound Brookie on the last hour of our trip!
Thanks for everything!
Graham Wakeham Jim Morry
St. John's, NL
Aug 30/18 Dick & I arrived on Twin Otter on the 24th for 7 days fishing. On the 3rd day we hiked to Burton's Pond and released a Pike each and we also caught several large brook trout in the 3 to 6 pound range including a double hook up. Dick's magic fly was a bed head - looked like a little brook trout pattern. I used a yellow zoo cougar. Our guide Edwin located a spot with rising brook trout. We caught brookies on olive wolf patterns. Very large versions on the flies. The dry fly was cast out away from the boat and allowed to sit motionless until a fish hit it or it needed to be cast again.
At the end of the day we picked up a few more trout for a total of 17 trout boated!
Our final trip to Burton's (later in the week) we released 10 nicely coloured (3 to 7 pound range) brookies!
We shared the Lodge with many friendly people from Newfoundland and enjoyed their company.
Edwin is a great guide and his flies were small master pieces (especially his brown bog).
Roseann provide tasty meals everyday. Her wanna bread is second to none.
Thanks to the Igloo Lake staff for a great adventure and my largest brook trout every!
David Kolesar
Lyndeborough, NH
Aug 28/18 Wow! What a trip we are planning to make. Interior Labrador by floatplane we will take.
There is Tony, Jerry, Ron and Me. To fish for Brookies, the biggest catch "we will see".
Now Burton's Pond is the place for Brookies. The biggest brookie is my only wish. From 2lbs to 4lbs we landed with ease. But my 7 pounder, the biggest please. Sunday baptism at the bow, Sandy fell in and went for a swim.
As Toni proved with a brookie, boasting a 17 inch girth.
Monday started cold, wet and late and Jerry we tried to inflate.
It the end of the day, Ed on accordion and Mike the guitar did play.
So sorry to say its the end of our stay.
Sandra & Gerry Kirby Tony & Ron O'Brien
St. John's, NL
Aug 27/18 What began as an impulsive bid (by Doug) on a fishing trip to Igloo Lake Lodge at the Kids Eat Smart Gala, has culminated in a trip of a lifetime!
We have visited friends in Goose Bay enroute, marvelled at the expanse and beauty of the Big Land while enjoying a thrilling flight in the float plane and shared the excitement of Nanette catching her first beautiful 5.5 pound Brookie (or was it larger....8lbs??).
Nanette received her first fly fishing lessons from our knowledgeable, patient and enthusiastic guide, Deon, and we enjoyed wonderful commaderie with our fellow lodge mates and fisher persons while gathered around the dining table feasting on delicious homemade meals expertly prepared by Roseann morning, noon & night.
We were regaled each evening with fishing stories and other outdoor adventure tales from the past peppered with laughter, good humour and lies.
While we will miss hunkering down for the night in our lovely rustic beds made cozy by handmade quilts embellished with moose and fish, it was satisfying to know that as we savour our memories of our trip to Igloo Lake Lodge, countless breakfasts will be enjoyed
by school age children through out Newfoundland & Labrador.
Nanette Power Goodridge Douglas Goodridge
St. John's, NL
Aug 24/18 A great week of fishing at Igloo Lake Lodge. The food & accommodations are top notch. Experienced guides put us on numerous brilliantly coloured Brookies! Thanks for the wonderful memories and hope to be back again someday! Todd Ellis
Ephrata, PA
Aug 24/18 Jim is the preternatural salesperson ("gonna be EPIC"), but for my two sons (Matt & John) and my nephew Jesse, and me, he undersold the complete Igloo Lake experience by a sizeable margin. A very knowledgable Travis and an abundantly enthusiastic Deon guided us through a week of once-in-a-lifetime memories. Honey Hole monsters on the last day, terrific trip to Burton's, over 100 Arctic Char released from the foothills of the Torngat Mountains and Brookies Deon would kiss before the release. Roseann keep us fat and happy. Steak dinner and our very own Arctic Char topped the week of wonderful meals. Ed and Mike brought our time to a rousing end with beautiful songs.
Truly.......I kid you not: EPIC!
Peter Rowley
Vermontville, NY
Aug 24/18 Outstanding Guide (Mike) & Cook / Organizer (Roseann). Large fish in Burton's Pond - 7lb'er+ on a dry fly! Bob Brownstein
Aug 20/18 Great weather, great camp, greater food (Roseann), Great Guides (even Jim - lol), Ron scored a "9.8" lb brook trout! Till next time.
PS - Great Guests :)
Zeb Stanley
St. John's, NL
Aug 20/18 Jim: Wonderful time at Igloo Lake Lodge. Very accommodating, great staff and extremely comfortable camp. Will pass on our highlights to others!
Randy Casson
Toronto, ON
Aug 17/18 What a magical place!
We are so grateful to Jim, Edwin, Roseann and the Igloo Lake crew.
Thanks for supporting the Paradise Minor Hockey Asiciation - appreciate your volunteerism and community support! All the best!
Randall Greene Paddy O’Flaherty
St. John’s, NL
Aug 17/18 Awesome trip thanks to Jim! Guides were great and fish even better. Almost caught a huge Pike who made a meal out of my 2.5lb Brookie! Hope to fish Igloo again!

PS - Thanks Jim & Dr. Amy (Jim’s daughter) for making sure Grampa was set.
Brandon James
Bedford, MA
Aug 17/18 Second time @ Igloo Lake Lodge. Another Great Trip! Caught lots of huge brook trout and had some fun with the “crocs” Pike. Made it out to Char Lake for a great day catching Arctic Char. Thanks a ton to Roseann and guides. Lots of great memories! Darren Miller
Bedford, MA
Aug 17/18 Great 10 days!
Caught Big Brookies & Arctic Char!
Great staff and Roseann’s cooking & great guides!
Carl Racie
Athol, MA
Aug 07/18 We had a great family trip to Igloo Lake Lodge. Three generations of Fowlow’s. Although the big brook trout were illusion we had lots of fun with Pike and smaller Brookies in the stream behind the Lodge. Hooked over 50 Brookies in one day!
Thanks to Jim and all the staff for a wonderful experience that we will never forget!
Chad, Fiona, Brian & Dennis Fowlow
Paradise, Goose Bay and Buchans, NL
Aug 07/18 Another wonderful adventure. Thanks to Jim and now Steve and Craig Gillingham.
We floated gear and boat down to Eagle River from Byrne Lake. The Eagle was about 4 feet high (above normal) but we still managed to hook and release 2 large (20+ pound) Atlantic Salmon as welll as a load of large beautiful brook trout! Spent 7 nights in the bush and it was not nearly long enough time!
Mike Chelminski Steve Tobi
Purham, ME & Sheridan, WY
Aug 07/18 Myself and my son had a great experience! Staff was very professional and friendly. We are hoping to return next year again! Thanks to Jim and all the staff. Craig & Adam McCarthy
Gander, NL
Aug 06/18 Wonderful Lodge, staff, food and fishing! What more could you ask for! Norman Ross
Toronto, Ontario
Aug 03/18 As per usual, I had another great time here at Igloo Lake Lodge filming another episode of the Newfoundland Sportsman Show! I’ve actually lost count but think this was somewhere between 12 – 15 times I have visited this special place!
We caught some dandy brookies – some over 8 pounds!
Got to spend some time fishing with the lodge’s new owner Stephen Gillingham whos a great guy! Enjoyed every minuteof our time together fishing and a few socialables later!
Congratulations Steve & Craig on your aquistion from a couple of outfitting legends, Jim & Vince Burton, I’m sure you’ll do them proud.
Also got to celebrate with Kevin Geroux & Dawn Curtis who became engaged at the Lodge!
This Lodge always has a family atmosphere and adds another wonderful dimension to the outfitting business.
Roseann’s cooking is to die for, gained about 10 pounds I think!
It was indeed a pleasure being here with Stephen Gillingham, Jim, Dera, Amy & Vince Burton as well as many other guests, guides & other staff, many of whom been here for years!
Another fabulous trip in the books!
Thanks you to all & a special thank you to my buddy Matt Romkey who also fished with me and helped me film the trip!
Dwight Blackwood
St. John's, NL
Aug 03/18 Had an amazing week here at Igloo Lake Lodge.
Fantastic staff and out of this world cooking by Rosie made our week an unforgetable one! The fishing was just a bonus! In saying that, I did land the BIGGEST trout of my life! Had me so excited I was shaking like a leaf! Want to wish Steve & Craig the best of luck! They have something very special here at Igloo Lake! Can’t wait to bring my Dad and brother the next time.
I have to thank my good buddy Dwight for inviting me on this trip of a lifetime!!!!

Matt Romkey
Boutiliers Point, NS
Aug 03/18 Very comfortable lodge!
Good food – thank you Roseann!
Excellent Staff!
HUGE Brookies!
Great fishing!
Wonderful trip – made great new friends!

Herb Goldworthy
Clarenville, NL
Aug 01/18 The best trip by far of my many trips to Igloo Lake - got engaged to the love of my life "Dawn Curtis" - spectacular brookies too! Roseann I can't thank you enough for all you do! See you next year! Kevin Geroux
Old Town, Maine
Jul 30/18 What a great couple of days fishing with my son with good friends Vince, Jim, Amy and my son Kerb along with the rest of our group. Thanks Steve and staff for a wonderful time, great meals and beautiful brook trout! Good luck Steve! Greer Hunt
St. John's, NL
Jul 28/18 Fabulous people, guides, cook, lodge & fishing! John Marsman
Edwardsburg, MI
Jul 26/18 Had an awesome time! Great fishing, friends & food! Caught the largest brook trout of my life and enjoyed the company and wonderful hospitality!

Jamie Matheson
Halifax, NS
Jul 26/18 Wonderful trip! Ive fished everywhere in the United States and this was one of the best experiences I have ever had – very unique! Some of the best people I’ve ever met, friendly and gracious. Really enjoyed fishing with such a knowledable guide. The food was unbelieveable! Gerry Tubbs
Rochester, NY
Jul 26/18 Thanks for the great week! Scratched another one off the bucket list! Not many places one can catch 6+ pound brook trout on a dry fly in a brook! Amazing!
David Weir
David Weir
Edmonton, Alberta
Jul 20/18 Once again the staff (Roseann & Mike) and our guide (Perry Vey) went above and beyond to make our trip a memorable experience. Had a great week’s fishing and all the meals were “5” Star!
Hopefully I will return for a 6th visit next summer!
Thanks to everyone!
Brian Cuming
Fredericton, NB
Jul 20/18 Marvelous Week .......Agree with Brother Brian 100% (for the first time lol)!! Gord Cuming
Grand Falls, NB
Jul 20/18 Had a great time & good fishing.
Staff were excellent; always with best effort to make fishermen have an enjoyable time!
Scott & Paul McGarvie
Jul 20/18 All good things must come to an end.....
Great food
Great staff
Great fishing
Tight lines!
Steffen Wollmer
New Jersey
Jul 20/18 Excellent staff, guides and Lodge!
Very organized!
Some nice large Brookies in steams - fantastic!
The big one still swims in Honey Hole!
Great experience!
Dave Krueger Len Miller
Freehold, NJ
Jul 20/18 14th trip to Igloo Lake in past 15 years!
Great staff - fabulous eats!
Lots of Pike!
Horace Constable
Moncton, NB
Jul 16/18 Great time, really enjoyed it!
Food & staff top notch!
Thanks to all!
Albert and Jon Williams
St. John’s
Jul 13/18 Jim,

I want to thank you and your team for another awesome experience at beautiful Igloo Lake Lodge. This has been the third time that my sons Justin, Mark and myself have been to Igloo Lake. My brother Steve joined us for his first trip to Igloo Lake this year. Your catch and release program is really working as the trout are quite a bit larger now. Our group caught 8 and 9 pound brook trout this time and had several 5 pounds and above. Your guides are extremely knowledgeable and friendly and Rosie, your cook, does such a great job with the meals and is very helpful. Your renovations in recent years has made a beautiful lodge even better. You should be very proud of what you and your team have created. It’s getting better every year. Thanks for helping my family create so many lasting memories together in your beautiful Igloo Lake Lodge. Ken Bennett
Ken Bennett
St. John’s, NL
Jul 06/18 This place is like heaven on earth. It was a pleasure to have stayed this week. The fishing was great, the food was fabulous and the staff here are in a league of their own! Great people! Thanks for everything, it was an amazing experience!

Paul Hann
St. John’s, NL
Jul 06/18 Hello…….I’m Russell Furguson (age 14) & I love fly fishing!
This week at Igloo Lake Lodge was amazing! There wasn’t a day my Dad & grandfather and I didn’t catch any fish. There is a groundhog called “MoMo” that lives under the Labrador Room and he/she likes crackers and bread. I gained trust with MoMo and got her/him on my lap and I put my hand on MoMo. Our guides Edwin & Alvin are my new best friends along with Jim. Ed tought me how to dry fly fish and one the last night I caught four ( 2 to 6.5 pounds) on the dry fly. Alvin showed me how to eat spruce gum off the spruce trees.

Special thanks to our cook Rosie. She has made wonderful meals and became a really close friend to me. Rosie – thanks so much for my Igloo Lake guide shirt – I cannot stop waering it!

And I cannot forget about my buddy Jim, he has been with us from the beginning to the end. Thanks so much for inspiring me to become a pilot and fly the Beaver.

Tight Lines!

PS….. Thank you Jim for letting me fly the Beaver! I cannot wait to come back!
Russell Ferguson
Grand Bay - Westfield, NB
Jul 06/18 Fabulous trip with amazing Big Brookies! First day at Burton’s Pond hooked and released 30 fish & landed 25 or so. Most brook trout in the 4 to 6 pound range! Guides Edwin & Alvin really looked after us. Russell did very well wth dry flies, Ed was a wonderful coach! I think Russell & Edwin are friends for life!
Rosie “Chef” was awesome and made our stay so comfortable. Biggest fish caught at Beaver Pond inlet…..2 eight pounders and many 5 to 7 pounds!
For Dad, Russell & I (3 generations) this was a trip we will never forget!
Russell caught 3 fish on dry fly last evening after dinner – something he will always remember.
We enjoyed every minute and are sure to return!

Ron Ferguson
Grand Bay - Westfield, NB
Jul 06/18 Thanks so much for a wonderful adventure in this beautiful northern province. Catching a huge colorful 6 pound brook trout our first moments in Burton’s Pond was a thrill & highlight of our trip. Thanks to travis for so many great stories about life & fishing/hunting here! The weatherwas sunny some day, some wind and some rain showed us how changeable things can be here, Travis had us fishing everyday! Roseann, the food was fantastic! This is a trip w will remember forever!
Thanks Jim for coming to Worcester, MA & introducing us to this great Lodge!

Nancy & Win Hancock
Worcester, MA
Jul 06/18 Great trip! Loved flying in the 1951 Beaver! Beautiful Lake, Lodge & staff!
Thanks to Mike for being a great guide and conversations.
Best food Ive ever had at a fishing Lodge by far!
See you next time!

Stephen Radford
St. John’s, NL
Jun 28/18 Amazing experience! You & your staff made the trip! Rosie & Mike could not have been kinder. Our guide Travis was great & superb! It’s interesting how the staff’s easy going & kindness filters down to the guests. You were right Jim – the fish are huge!
With sincere appreciation.
Jim Gould
Mashpee, Mass
Jun 28/18 Jim - You have the best brook trout fishery in the world! The flight to the pond was most memorable. Hope to return for a third time!

John Thiel
La Crosse, Wisconsin
Jun 28/18 2nd time to Igloo Lake – the best trout in the world! Great sleeps – fabulous food – fishing at its best!
Thanks to the staff and owners and flight crews – Jim’s Beaver Floatplane is an exceptional flight machine – fun the watch!
You should see the snow here June 28! See you all next trip!

Dave Sawler
Fredricton, New Brunswick
Jun 28/18 Excellent trip! Jim & Staff…… a 10+!

Thanks All!

Orv Francescone, Trenton, Ont
Len Pellein, Trenton, Ont
James Brenton, Carleton Place, Ont
Dr. Ed Sambey
Jacksonville, Fl
Jun 28/18 Winter left Igloo late this year. There was snow around the Lodge when we arrived and the ice left the lake just days before we landed here on June 22.
Fishing was a bit slow the first few days as the fish were still waking up from a long winter but come Wednesday the 27th the wait was over at Burton’s Pond – the three of us had over 30 brook trout that day! It’s a day that I will never forget, catching 3 to 6 pound wild brook trout!
I would like to thank Jim Burton and his wonderful staff for a fishing trip of a lifetime. Rosie the culinary expert kept us well feed and could not do enough for us. Travis is a fine young man and as a guide was a pleasure to be around. Travis worked very hard to get us onto fish each day. All the guides were fun to be around and we all very entertaining.
Thank you for such a wonderful experience!

Bob Thomas
Leominster, Mass


Date Comment Name & Location
Sep 15/17 Guests...... every now and then stop fishing and look around and take in all the surroundings, that way when you have a bad day in the real world you can stop and think of the beautiful places you've seen - Love Igloo Lake Lodge - over the top hospitality - oh....and the Brookies are the most beautiful fish - bar none!
All the best!
Kevin Geroux
Old Town, Maine
Sep 15/17 Un très grand MERCI! A tous les gens du lodge! A very great & fabulous week with everybody and my friend Kevin Geroux. See you next time with the Tundra (floatplane) C-GAGH Nicole Kernen
Montreal, Quebec
Sep 10/17 Awesome getaway at a truly awesome location with awesome staff to support the lodge and make the experience so enjoyable. Loved the whole Igloo Lake Experience! Darlene provided hot hearty meals that truly added to the experience.
A big thank you to jim and his generosity for providing a two night / 3 day getaway for two lucky people from 5th Wing Goose Bay (CFB Goose Bay) Military Family Resource Centre.
Loved it ......to the moon and back!
Shawn Organ
Canadian Forces Base, 5th Wing Goose Bay
Sep 10/17 Hay Jim, This is a wonderful place - its a trip I will never forget! It's a very peaceful place! The food was great - thanks to Darlene! Thanks Jim. Hope to get back some day. Jamie Faulkner
Sep 10/17 Fantabulous weekend getaway at Igloo Lake lOdge! Amazing people, beautiful environment and an awesome cook "Ms. Darlene". Excellent food! Next trip for a week for sure. Love the fish! Thank you! Laura Compton
Sep 08/17 We lost a day getting in due to weather but made up for it with keen guides and a good cook (Darlene). We fished Archies, Sisters, Cabin Pool, and the stream connecting them getting brook trout 6.5 pounds at 21.5 inches.
Two of our younger team members trekked to Dorothy Lake in chest neopreme waders - 3 miles & 1.5 hours one way with guide colin. They got no trout but saw large fish rise.
We fished Burton’s pond 3 days and the 4 of us caught +/- 20 each trip, mostly in the 3 to 4 pound range. The largest 3 brookies we caught there was 5 to 6 ½ pounds (22 ¼ inches) each less chuncky than at igloo or its outlet.
In Igloo, trolling produced only two trout in 3 days by one or more boats but casting was much more productive by those same boats. In Igloo we got only 11 trout but they were much heavier for their length than in Burton’s Pond, running from 2.5 pounds to 10.4 pounds, most wereb 4.5 pounds to 7 pounds. The 10.4 pound brookie was 26 inches in length and had a girth of 17 7/8 inches and was a beautiful red bellied male just like the old chap that caught it. The photo’s prove that the trout was indeed more handsome than the angler – who got it on a 10 pound test leader. The big 10 pound trout took in 4 feet of water and fought hard as a 10 pound Salmon rubbing the leader against a boulder once. It took 15 minutes to land and will be a new world record on a 10 pound test leader. Alvin Thatchell was the guide to the monster trout.
Jim Burton was extremely accomodating & hospitable and runs a world class operation on a world class lake!
Alan Maddan, Tom & Jonathan Wilkins & Pete Stoddart
St. John, NB
Sep 08/17 Can’t believe how blessed I am to have been invited to such a wonderful spot. Only here for two days but learned so much about this lake and how to fish it. Being ill prepared, everyone was so helpful with preparing me with trout flies that should work. I had a major tug and then a second tug that broke my line and lost the fly that was given to me by Colin (sorry Colin). Thanks to Darlene for the great food and hospitality!
Jim is a perfect host sharing his time with all his guests.
In my next life, I hope to come back as Jim Burton!
Thanks so much!
Dale McDougall
HVGB, Labrador
Sep 08/17 I would like to start by saying the flight from Goose Bay to Igloo Lake on the Beaver owned and piloted by Jim Burton was fantastic. The Igloo Lodge opened my eyes to how beautiful a spot it is located in such a remote area. Congratulations to the cook, Darlene for such great meals! The staff was overly friendly and extremely helpful. On guest caught & released a brook trout over 10 pounds and that brought extra excitement and talk at the Lodge.
Thank you Jim Burton for your hospitality and I look forward to coming back to Igloo again.

Lionel Letemplier
HVGB, Labrador
Aug 31/17 We had a great week! Lots of beautiful brookies.....3 to 8 pounds!
Chef Roseann's cooking was fabulous - good for at least a 5 star from each of us! The "A" & "B" Team of Dwight & Bob did great filling in. Our Guide Edwin was the best! Very patient, knowledgeable and helped us land numerous beautiful fish!Burton's Pond was the highlight of the week - lots of chunky beautiful Brookies! Many thanks to Jim and all his staff for a fabulous week!
Charles & Sarah Stackhouse
Bluff Point, NY
Aug 31/17 Another great trip to Igloo Lake Lodge. Spending fishing time with my grandson. Jake will give me special memories to last a lifetime. Flew to Char Lake - spectacular fishing! Caught my biggest Char ever! Jake outfished me! This was his furthest trip north fishing & first time for Arctic Char. Just an incredible experience for both of us. I already have many wonderful memories memories from Igloo Lake Lodge. I've lost count of the number of times I've been to Igloo Lake Lodge but during this trip I certainly missed Calvin. Our late night chats over a few sociables was always great! RIP old friend! We filmed two TV Shows for Newfoundland Sportsman which was great! Food, accommodations - superb! And as usual our host & friend Jim Burton was outstanding! Thanks so much for everything! Dwight Blackwood, Jake Rowe & Bob Whitten
Newfoundland Sportsman TV Show, NL
Aug 31/17 Great trip! Great Lodge! Great People! Big lake was hard fishing, Burton's Pond outstanding! 26 big brookies - Great time! Brian Snyder
Wards Creek, NB
Aug 25/17 Great time! Colin is a super guide! Roseanne is a special cook! Green Drake worked big brookies up - 6 pounder on the first cast! 7 pounder on the second cast! I will remember that afternoon! Mike Sheppard
Dalton, MA
Aug 25/17 Impressive fish, great facility, excellent guides and Roseanne is a great cook! The fly-out for Arctic Char is one of the most impressive fishery i have ever been to or fished! Burton's Pond produced trophy Brook Trout all week! Mike Miller
Athol, MA
Aug 25/17 Great Lodge! Great Guides! Outstanding cook - Roseanne!
14 .... 4 to 6 pound Trout at burton's Pond yesterday was one great fly fishing experience! Looking forward to returning!
Thanks Colin (guide) for all your help and laughs!
Bill Waight
Westminister, MA
Aug 24/17 GREAT TRIP! Arctic Char fly-out and running black bear a definite highlight! Edwin is a great guide! Roseanne AAA+++ Gary Hebart
Richmond, NH
Aug 24/17 Can't wait to see the sun! Roseanne a 5 star cook! Carl Racie
Athol, MA
Aug 18/17 Thanks to Jim, Roseann, Ed, Travis & James.
Hope to be back!
Allan & Owen MacIntosh
Fall River, NS
Aug 18/17 Life's good! Coming to this wonderful, scenic, remote and beautiful place adds another reason why it is so! Our trip here was enhanced by Roseann, Ed and Travis - part of a fine team. We really appreciated the time we spent with them. Well organized, well kept which allowed us to maximize our time here. Kudos to all and fun we had!
The Ludlow Brothers!
Earl, Keith & Wayne Ludlow
St. John's, NL
Aug 17/17 Great memories! Great people! Great fishing! Aaron Bryand
Halifax, NS
Aug 16/17 What a beautiful place! A short visit but sweet 1st visit! Can't wait to come back. Thanks to all the staff for all the hospitality. Jeremy Charles
St. John's, NL
Aug 15/17 Wonderful trip! Great experience! Second trip to Igloo. Had a wonderful time! Thanks to all the staff for their kindness & help. Phil & Cynthia Whelan
St. John's, NL
Aug 11/17 Another amazing trip to Igloo Lake!
Third year in a row and loving it!
Thanks to Jim & all his crew for the warm welcome and generous hospitality. Sad to leave, looking forward to next year!
Teri-Lynn Jones
Aug 11/17 Top notch all the way! Fantastic Trip! Time really flies when you are having fun! Thanks Jim & staff for all you do. Don Gullage
Paradise, NL
Aug 11/17 Wow! Week goes to quick! Hate to leave this wonderful place. Jim and crew make the experience always something to remember for a lifetime! Thanks again! Craig & Liam Piercey
Aug 11/17 Great, Great Trip! My second time here with my daughter Teri-Lynn.......amazing Mom & Daughter time! Lots of laughs, fishing and great meals from the fabulous cook Roseann. Celebrated my birthday at Igloo Lake and thanks to Roseann for making me a birthday cake! Awesome experience! Thanks to Jim and very experienced guides! Our guide Travis - great young guy - very knowledgeable and we had great laughs and fun while catching the big ones! Audrey Jones
St. John's, NL
Aug 10/17 Had an awesome 3 days at Igloo Lake Lodge! So happy to have finally experienced everything first hand! It certainly lives up to its stellar reputation. Thanks very much to Jim & his amazing staff! First class from start to finish! Great experience spent with family, co-workers, new friends and old! Thanks so much, can't wait to come back to Igloo Lake Lodge! Trent, Duane & Calvin Squires and Jon Hare
St. John's, NL
Aug 10/17 Been here a week, fabulous fishing, fabulous images for my art, can't wait to get to my studio and create new work for my 40th Anniversary exhibition. Can't believe I have made a living that long on my art. Thanks to Jim, Edwin, Vince, Roseann, James & Travis - you're the best! Scott Goudie
St. John's, NL
Aug 08/17 Had a fantastic trip! Thank for everything! See you next year! Ron MacEachern
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
Aug 06/17 I (Tina) have loved my first trip to Labrador, it is a beautiful untouched land. Thank you for everything! Tina & Dieter Staubitzer
St. John's, NL
Aug 06/17 We had a beautiful time! Mart and Nichole
Aug 04/17 Jim - Roxanne & I want to thank you for making the trip we have talked about doing for years a reality. We truly enjoyed your wonderful hospitality and that of your crew, Bruce, Roseann & Mike, guides Edwin, Alvin, Colin, and especially the guides we fished with, Perry & Travis, who always seemed to find a way to put us on fish. We also enjoyed getting to know our fellow guests during our stay at Igloo Lake, a diverse group of people sharing a passion for catching big brook trout in an unbelievably pristine environment. And last but not least, thanks to those big splendidly colored brookies, especially the ones who liked to feed on dry flies at phenomenal Burton's Pond. Our photos of the trip will provide reference material for many paintings in the years to come. Fittingly, we found the same big drakes that we had been imitating while fishing at Burton's on the terminal windows at Montreal Airport during our flight home. It seemed like one last farewell from Burton's Pond. Thanks again, Jim...see you in New Jersey in January! Roxanne Kamin & Mark Susinno
Dauphin County, Pennsylvania
Aug 02/17 Jim - I want to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to you and your team at Igloo Lake Lodge following on Steve’s and my trip to Owl Brook for salmon fishing in July. The 2017 trip was our seventh with the Burton team and they only get better. While the fishing was slow (you can’t control that), the experience was fantastic. We did get salmon, and each take, fight, and release was memorable. The only downside to the trip was that we weren’t able to spend another week with you and the Igloo Lake Lodge team; that is why there is 2018! Michael Chelminski
Topsham, ME
Jul 31/17 Huge Trout! Spent a fantastic 4 days fishing Igloo Lake, Burton's Pond, Archie's and Beaver Pond with my Dad! Lots of beautiful fish, an awesome guide (thank you Colin) an awesome cook (thank you Roseann) and a trip of a lifetime ( thank you Jim). Beyond my expectations and looking forward to returning next year! Mark & Wayne Tucker
Jul 28/17 Wonderful first visit with family. Thanks to the great staff and Jim for such a great time. Looking forward to our next visit!

Corey Tucker
St. John's, NL
Jul 28/17 Lindsay & I have had Big Brook Trout on our bucket list 4 ever. We met Jim at Somerset Fly Fishing Show and it looked like he & his operation could fill that bucket. We never expect or hope for more than just a good time and a few beautiful fish. We’ve travelled to a lot of fishing destinations and we know enough to drink in all the splender of a fishing trip. The landscape here is breathtaking. What you hope for is to meet wonderful people, both the guides & staff and other guests.
Well, all of those “gets” have been checked off. Roseann (who is the real boss - lol) is a fabulious cook and keeps everybody in step. Our guide Alvin was a patient, kind, fun and most knowledgeable guide. He put us on fish everyday and created the opportunity for us “to catch them how we like to catch them”.
Jim, I know you are proud of this operation as well you should be. The experience was everything we hope for and then some!
Outstanding fishing, wonderful people and staff, excellent food & lodging!
Brook Trout bucket list? Check!!!!
Best wishes for the rest of the season.
Dave & Lindsay Agness
Honeoye Falls, NY
Jul 26/17 Amazing time here at the Igloo Lake Lodge – dispite rough weather we caught many brook trout. Foos was great along with the team running the lOdge! Looking forward to coming back!

Paul Callahan
Boston, MA
Jul 26/17 Great time overall – staff great – Perry worked hard and did great – Roseann is the best – fishing waters at Igloo were great – Jim… tops! Jim Callahan
Kittery, Maine
Jul 21/17 Thanks so much to the wonderful staff here at Igloo Lake Lodge. So friendly and accommodating. Jim especially with the Beaver plane and flying our team around all week.... it sets Igloo Lake Lodge apart. Seeing my Father hook and release a large brook trout is a memory I will carry with me my entire life and so will he. We had a trip of a lifetime and hopefully we can do it again!
You really have a piece of heaven up here!
Thanks so much!
Cliff and Steve Williams
St. John's, NL
Jul 21/17 Wir hatten eine sehr schone zeit, hier in der Igloo Lake Lodge. Wir fingen schone fische und wurden sehr gut versorgt.

We had a very nice time here at Igloo Lake Lodge. We caught nice fishs and the food was outstanding. In our group we're very nice guests. We had a lot of fun together!
Thanks to Roseann, who gave us the best service! Thanks to our guide Perry. Especially we will say thanks to Jim, we had a lot of wonderful talks with him.
Hans and Gerd Guetschow
Frankfurt, Germany
Jul 19/17 We had a wonderful time at Igloo Lake this week. Great fishing, food and fun! The other guests were great mates at the Lodge. Thanks to guides, Roseann and Jim for being gracious hosts. Ray Miller and Group (Steve, Barry, Gene & Grant)
Philadelphia, PA
Jul 14/17 Despite tough weather and challenging conditions a good time was had by all. Hard working and congenial guides and good meals prepared by Roseann made for a very enjoyable week. Walt Tingle
Jul 14/17 Great accommodations, tremendous guides and cook! Another marvellous week at Igloo Lake despite the weather. Gord Cuming
Fredricton, NB
Jul 14/17 Entire staff worked extremely hard. Edwin was the best guide of my twenty-one fishing expeditions to Labrador. Ron Miller
Greensburg, Pennsylvania
Jul 14/17 Another fun trip to the beautiful Igloo Lake Lodge despite heavy rain and high winds. Our guide Colin worked extremely hard to put us on fish. Roseann prepared great meals! Met some new guests that I will call friends. Hope to return in 2018! Brian Cuming
Fredricton, NB
Jul 08/17 My first trip to Labrador and my first shot at big brookies! I landed a 9 pounder! Two 5 to 6 pound range on a dry fly! Several 3 - 4 pound fish. I'll never forget my first Igloo Lake Labrador brookie! Lodge was great! Eric Jensen
Huntington, MA
Jul 08/17 Another great trip to Igloo! As always everything was perfect. Thanks to jim and all the staff. Hope to be back! Bill Mahoney
Haverhill, Mass
Jul 08/17 Some amazing big and beautiful Brrookies! Memories that will last a lifetime and what incredible staff! Loved every minute of it! Never thought a brook trout could get that big - 9 pounds! Got 3 at 3 pound in 7 casts on drys! The staff are top notch! Rex & Trish Channel
Pittsfield, MA
Jul 07/17 My first trip to Igloo Lake Lodge in Labrador and my first shot at huge brook trout! Tough week fishing (high water) but I did land a 9 pounder! Two 5 to 6 pound brookies on dry fly! + server also 3 to 4 pound fish. I'll never forget my first Labrador Brookie! Lodge was great! Eric Jensen
Huntington, MA
Jul 07/17 Always great to be in Labrador and this was no exception. Caught and landed 9+ pound Brook Trout - the largest I ever seen.Great Lodge & crew. Roseann is a sweetie! Hope to do it again! Dave Tracey
Jun 30/17 Fantastic trip, Great Fishing, incredible food and a 1st class group of guys. Hope to be back again! Hardware Group (24 guests)
Halifax, NS
Jun 25/17 An incredible trip! The guides love their job which makes the experience so memorable! Caught the biggest brook trout of my life at Igloo Lake!Also caught a bunch of alligators (PIKE!). Roseann's home cooking and Ed's squeezebox complete the trip! Thanks to all! John Brookbark
Halifax, NS
Jun 23/17 Good fishin! Love the BIG Brookies! Well worth the walk to Burton's!
Great food!
Tom Bursey Dale Chaffey
New Brunswick
Jun 23/17 12th Trip to Igloo Lake in 13 years - each year a more memorable one! 2 treks to Burton's - Fantastic each time! Caught brook trout up to 7.5 pounds on Igloo Lake! Guides very knowledgeable & co-operative. Roseann's cooking was excellent - even though she had to take time out to chase the bears away! Horace Constable
Moncton, NB
Jun 17/17 Hi Jim,

What a great trip we had to your Igloo Lake Lodge!

Dad and I would like to send along our sincere thanks to you, the staff at Igloo Lake and of course the Home Builders Association for providing a fishing experience of a life time. From the moment we touched down in Goose Bay until we left, we were treated first class. Your staff at Igloo Lake are amazing. Despite the poor weather conditions our guide Alvin did everything possible to put us in the right spots to land a large brookie. As you can see from the picture attached, Dad caught "a fish of a lifetime". Can't say enough about the level of service provided by Alvin. I know your camp is strictly catch and release but he's a keeper!

The location and lodge are top notch and the meals were great and of course Uncle Calvin was very entertaining with some great stories.

Sean Sloane
St. John's, NL
Jun 16/17 Jim.....great job on creating life long memories! Service at Igloo Lake Lodge was top notch from start to finish! Fishing was magic, the weather was a challenge but added to the experience. Now to plan for a return! Graham Thomas
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Jun 16/17 Jim – A big thanks to you for providing this opportunity to the Salmon Association of Eastern Newfoundland. Mother Nature did her best to dampen the experience but she failed. You staff are first class! They did everything to make us feel welcome and cared for. Roseann keep us fed and looked after all the little things. Calvin keep us entertained, particularly when the weather had us all down a bit. Young James was great guiding myself & Graham – again doing everything to look after our needs and engaged us in pleasant conversations. A short stay but a wonderful experience to start my fishing season. One I won’t soon forget and God willing I will make it back here someday for an extended rest.
Kevin Power
St. John's, NL
Jun 16/17 Fist time fishing was this week - now I'm spoiled for life! Brendan O'Keefe
St. John's, NL
Jun 16/17 Jim – to you & all the staff, thank you for a great trip for Brendan and myself, great to spend time with my son who caught his first fish! To Eric our guide who we know like ourselves – thanks! To Roseann – thank you for the great meals and to the rest of the staff who would do anything to help us.
All the best!
Gary O'Keefe
St. John's, NL
Jun 16/17 Jim, Thank you and all your staff for all you do in making this the most memorable fly fishing trip that I’ve ever had.
Fishing with Guide Colin produced my trophy 8 pounder and many 3 to 3 ½ pounders! Thanks to chef Roaseann for her fabulous cooking and “to die for” deserts! I just love it when she rings that bell! Calvin for keeping us entertained with his stories and I enjoyed talking to Vince about the daily “situations.”
I also enjoyed the abundance of wildlife around Igloo Lake, especially Charlie the Black Bear & Mo Mo the Groundhog.
Thanks for sharing your Paradise with me!
PS – The operation of your DHC-2 Beaver on floats and your skill as a float pilot were impressive, especially the “greaser” of a landing at Igloo Lake!
Ed Tataryn
Fredricton, NB


Date Comment Name & Location
Sep 16/16 Thanks to everybody at Igloo Lake Lodge for this amazing week! I will treasure the memories of this trip and carry them with me forever! Roseann was an amazing host and made food to die for! Especially the cookies! The Guides "Colin & Edwin" were great and so very helpful! Many a laugh was shared by all - Uncle Cal's stories won't soon be forgotten. Was great to meet Bruce & Dave and their joyful times. Thanks Jim for making all possible. Thanks Kent for bringing me. So glad to have been able to share it with Rob & Don. Hope to see you all again and share memories of this outstanding week. Mike Deir
St. John's, NL
Sep 16/16 Thanks Jim for the best fishing trip of my life! The opportunity to spend time with my son Kent. Rob & Mike (his friends) and the crew that makes this wonderful place "Igloo Lake Lodge" run so smooth and efficient. Your friends "Dave & Bruce" were a treasure. Roseann, Calvin, Edwin & Colin treated us like royalty. Fantastic food & your diamond of an Uncle Calvin who is priceless in keeping the camp jumping (Cocky Rooster). The flight in & out was fantastic in the Beaver floatplane and my lift to Burton's Pond just made my week that much more special!
God Bless you all!
Don & Kent Green
St. John's, NL
Sep 16/16 Great Time!
Great Company!
Great Fishing!
Rob Young
St. John's
Sep 09/16 Thanks for another wonderful week at Igloo Lake Lodge! Keith & I caught 109 brook trout in 4 days! The guide Collin was excellent! There was nothing he wouldn’t do for us! The food was excellent, thanks Roseann! Calvin keep the fire going in the Labrador Room – which was excellent when we got back from fishing cold & wet! The weather was good except one day it rained with high winds and cold! Thanks again for a wonerdul week!

Ed King
St. John's, NL
Sep 07/16 Arrived here from USA with Kevin Geroux on Sept 02. I had seen photo’s that Kevin had shared from previous trips to Igloo Lake but didn’t realise what it was like to catch a huge trout like that! I had never seen a trout that big - never mind catching one! This is something that I will never forget – the guides at Igloo Lake are great, especially Edwin! He had the patience to teach me how to cast a fly when I never done it before. The meals were excellent, I think I gained weight! Roseann even made special meals for me because I didn’t like some things. Burton’s was my faviourite place – Kevin & I caught & released 50+ brook trout ( 2lbs to 7lbs) in 2 days! I shall never this trip to Igloo Lake Lodge!
Dan Curtis
Benedicta, Maine
Sep 07/16 To the Burton’s and everyone at Igloo Lake Lodge – it’s been a trip of a lifetime for me to be here and experience this beautiful place, everyone was a joy to be with and a lot of memories! Thanks to everyone at Igloo Lake!
I will miss you Roseann & Calvin!

Harry Lajoie
Reene, NH
Sep 07/16 Once again it was a dream come true, great people, great fishing and awesome food! A special thanks to Roseann for a great job cooking and of course housemate Calvin for keeping us warm & laughing!
Thank you!
Rodney Lajoie
Oldtown, ME
Sep 02/16 What a week! Great fishing, delicious food and immaculate accommodations! Thanks Jim, you have a gift of hospitality. You put together a great Team at Igloo Lodge & have created a most wonderful ambiance. Roseann is a great Chef, Calvin a great host and your Dad's nostalgia is cream on the top! Thanks for allowing a father & son the trip of a lifetime. We will remember this for many years to come. Ed, Collinand Dave were a joy to work with and Jim you are a great host! Clarence Buckle
St. John's, NL
Sep 02/16 August 26 we arrived with high expectations of great fishing. We had no idea just how great it would be! It can only be described as extraordinary! A family atmosphere from the guides (Ed, Colin & Dave), the hostess Roseann and the two Labrador Outfitter legends Vince & Calvin Burton made the experience very personal and special.
Came with dreams of big fish, leaving a piece of my heart at Igloo Lake!
Tyrone Buckle
Sep 02/16 Another special Father & Son fishing trip at Igloo Lake with great memories for years to come! Excellent trout fishing and accommodations! Great cook and great guides made our trip what it was! Craig & Liam Piercey
Aug 30/16 Though I've been told that I have more lip than a coal bucket, words cannot describe my experience at Igloo Lake Lodge. Amazing fish, friends and food at a world class lodge. Special thanks to our host Jim Burton and his compliment of supporting staff;Chef Roseann who kept a contingent of hungry fishermen and women well fed with home cooked meals and baked goodies(favorites were the peanut butter cookies and Rice Krispie squares!) ; Uncle Cal , who at 79 years young keeps everything mechanical in tip top shape and provides hours of amazing and funny stories; all the guides, especially Colin, who joined me on an unforgettable afternoon at Burton's Pond. We hooked over 40 fish in just over 3 hours, all in the 3-5 lb range . Multiple strikes on the same cast, large bombers and bugs were on the menu. Nothing better than watching a huge Brookie hit a large bomber!
Looking forward to next year with my farther and 2 boys!
Tight lines,
Ted Williams
St. John's, NL
Aug 30/16 Amazing Igloo Lake!
This was our second trip to the beautiful Igloo Lake Lodge and once again the staff, guides and host Jim Burton were exceptional! Jim pilots you into the lodge and the fun and great fishing begins! We caught 10 colorful brookies in 2 hours! Yes it's true!! Thank you to Roseann for the great food , Uncle Cal for the stories, Colin for finding the fish for us and Jim for EVERYTHING!
See you next year Igloo Lake Lodge!!
Regina & Glenn Russell
St. John's, NL
Aug 30/16 My second trip to Igloo & this time with "Momma" whose enjoyed Igloo Lake Lodge & staff greatly! Lots of laughs, fish, great food & company has made this trip a memorable one for us both. Thank you Jim for all you do everyday for the many people in your life!! Teri-Lynn & Audrey Jones
St. John's, NL
Aug 28/16 Jim and all the staff,
Thanks for the great trip. Any time spent with my dad on the river is always accountable. Food was great and the guides are excellent. Look forward to getting back.
Al & Al Jr. Mullowney
St. John's, NL
Aug 25/16 Wonderful Trip!
Igloo Lake has Great fishing, great guides, great cook. If you can't enjoy yourself here you have already died and don't know it.

Greg Sears
Nova Scotia
Greg Sears
Nova Scotia
Aug 25/16 Had and amazing trip here at Igloo Lake!
Thanks for everything! Awesome fishing here too.
Jacob and Caleb
NTV Photo Contest Winner
Thomas Clenche's nephews
Jacob and Caleb Mouland
NTV Photo Contest Winner
Aug 25/16 Jim and Crew,
Thank you for the wonderful week it has been the experience of a lifetime. Ed has been so helpful teaching my 8 year old son and myself how to fish.
The "Labrador Room" is unbelievable! Food is fantastic, everyone was so great.
8 year old boy 8lb brookie + 15 lb pike!
We will always remember this week! LONG LIVE IGLOO LAKE!

Tom and Thomas Clenche
NTV Photo Contest Winners
August 25,2016
Tom and Thomas Clenche
NTV Photo Contest Winners
Aug 19/16 Great food, great people, great accommodations at Igloo Lake! Thank you for a wonderful time.

Steve McLean
St. John's, NL
Aug 19/16 Jim,
I have had a truly outstanding couple of days. The fishing was great (a 6 pounder the first night right behind the cabin.) The crew was very friendly and helpful and the lodge is most comfortable. The weather even cooperated. Thank you very much.

Jim Adams
St. John's, NL
Aug 19/16 Jim,
Thank you to you and your crew for an amazing trip to Igloo Lake. It truly is something you have to experience to fully appreciate. Catching trout and being immersed in the natural beauty of the Big Land are memories we will hold for the rest of our lives. The facility is first class ,the food is delicious & the staff perfect. Edwin and Colin are patient , knowledgeable and fun guides. Dave and Eileen served great good with perpetual smiles & Uncle Calvin keep us laughing, and you were the perfect pilot!!
Thanks again for everything.

Jim and Michelle Hickey
St. John's, NL
Aug 19/16 Jim and all the wonderful staff of Igloo Lake,
Thanks so much for the wonderful stay! The guides Edwin and Calvin,the cooks Eileen and Dave- you're the best! And what can we say about Uncle Cal!! Even the trek over the boggy woods to and from Burtons Pond was worth the thrill of catching some beautiful trout. Adventurous , tranquil, beautiful - that's Igloo Lake! ❤️

Fred and Marian
St. John's, NL
Aug 05/16 Dear Jim

Another great experience. Couldn't ask for anything better. Eileen, Dave, Ed, Colin and Calvin only adds to the experience. Great people. The fishing was great. Aiden loves it and caught a lot of trout himself. The end of the day stories/lies are most enjoyable. Hopefully we can do this again soon.

Derek & Aiden Burt
Lloyd Samson and Derek and Aiden Burt
St. John's, NL
Aug 05/16 Jim

Another great stay at Igloo Lodge. Caught a lot of fish and had a grand adventure.

Thanks for your generosity,

John Lahr
John Lahr
London, England
Aug 05/16 Dear Jim

It could not have been better. Great staff, fun people and great fishing.
See you again!

Happy Trails,

Paul Davis
Paul Davis
Aug 05/16

Thanks to you and your awesome crew. Had a fantastic week of fishing and socializing with some great people. I survived the walk into Burton's Pond. The fishing was unbelievable, caught lots and the colours were spectacular.

Once again Jimmy thanks for everything,
Tony Eagles
Tony Eagles
Goose Air Base, Goose Bay
Aug 05/16 To Jim

Thank you for an amazing week, great fishing, companionship, and staff. A cherished memory for all time.
Billy Graham
Bill Graham
Halifax, NS
Jul 29/16 Haven't left yet and already looking forward to next year at Igloo Lake! I could not have asked for a better experience. Absolutely spectacular fishing, beautiful scenery, great food morning, afternoon & evening, amongst the best people!
Thanks for another week of fantastic memories!
See you all next year!
Shawn McCollum
Montreal, Quebec
Jul 29/16 Jim & Crew,
Amazing - Igloo Lake lodge, great fishing! Wonderful people! Thanks for an experience of a lifetime!
23 Brook Trout in the 4 to 6 pound range.
11 Northern Pike
Rob LaPointe
Montreal, Quebec
Jul 29/16 Sunday July 24 - Thursday July 28 at Owl Brook (Upper Eagle River) 17 Salmon to the net, one grilse.
Salmon ranged 15 to 22 pounds each.
No Bears.
Great fishing!
Another exceptional Burton experience!
Thank you Jim & the Igloo Lake Lodge Team!
PS - The trip to Burton's Pond was fantastic!
Steve Tobi Michael Chelminski
Wyoming, USA
Jul 22/16 This trip was a Christmas gift from my wife. The trip was better than I ever could dream of. I came with my son & nephew + 2 friends & we all caught the biggest brook trout of our lives! The highlight of the trip was a fly-out to Owl Brook (Upper Eagle River) for Atlantic Salmon fishing, to watch my son hook a Salmon on a bomber was a highlight of my fishing career! The guides & cook was awesome, the food was amazing and the guides were very accommodating and knowledgeable. Thank you for a awesome week. Chris Nelson, Sr
Winter Harbor, Maine
Jul 22/16 Wow! What a week at Igloo Lake Lodge! This is my first time on a fishing trip like this so was unsure of what to expect but what a treat! I got to catch some of the biggest brook trout i could have ever imagined and had my chance at an Atlantic Salmon (hooked one salmon but broke him off). I thoroughly enjoyed having Jim Burton fly my Dad & I and our guide Alvin into Owl Brook for the day to fish for Atlantic Salmon. Thank you to all the staff at Igloo Lake for great food and great hospitality and for not only being everything that you advertise but much much more! Such an awesome place! Thanks again! Chris Nelson
Goldsboro, Maine
Jul 22/16 Got invited by a group of buddies and couldn't turn down an invite to catch these world class brook trout at Igloo Lake. Igloo Lake lodge crew have gone above & beyond our greatest expectations. Started the trip fishing with guide Dion (two days) and caught a 8 pounder the first trip out! Then ended up fishing in Colin's boat (5 days) and was taught so much. Caught 3 brook trout at 8 pounds and numerous brook trout 3 to 5 pounds each. Myself & Colin seen a brook trout eating flies at Sisters Pool and we swapped flies "in & out" for 3 hours to get this fish to bite - by far the most rewarding fish I have ever landed! This trip has been the most memory filled trip I have ever been on. Thank you all for such a great trip and can't wait to come back! Trevor Hooper
Goldsboro, Maine
Jul 22/16 Had the best fishing experience of my life. Saw some of the biggest Brook Trout ever! Everyone in our group caught the biggest Brook Trout of their lives! The staff was amazing and made us feel at home! Our guide did an amazing job finding us fish and we enjoyed many laughs. Thanks for an incredible week! Josh Nelson
Goldsboro, Maine
Jul 22/16 Enjoyed 5 wonderful days! Igloo Lake Lodge accommodations excellent! Food service & hospitality superb! Thanks Eileen & thank Dave for excellent guiding!Caught two 8 pound brook trout & plenty of pike! Ches Winsor Patrick McCormick
St. John's NL
Jul 22/16 Didn't know what to expect when i arrived here at Igloo Lake Lodge. I am an avid outdoorsman and have fished for brook trout my whole life. However, this is my very first outing flyfishing. I had some concerns on my days before I arrived; one being that my guide would not be understanding of my less than perfect flyfishing skills and two, that i was going to have to spend the week not being able to be myself. I couldn't have been more wrong! My guide Edwin was absolutely outstanding. He worked extremely hard not only teaching me all sorts of tricks to the trade of flyfishing but also helping me catch brook trout and ensure I had an amazing trip. I caught several of the largest brook trout I have ever seen in my life!I couldn't be more pleased wth the ENTIRE Igloo Lake Lodge staff! The fishing was unlike any I have ever experienced. My guide Edwin is not only my guide but a great friend! Thank you everyone for one of the best weeks of my LIFE!
Truly & Sincerely,
Dylan Johnson
Sullivan, Maine
Jul 15/16 David and I have had a great experience at Igloo Lake! We caught the largest brook trout I have ever seen!
Our guide Alvin did a great job & was helpful beyond our expectation. Good food, clean Lodge, good motors & boats - who could ask for more!
The weather cooperated!
This was a professional & well coordinated adventure!
Edgar Thyret
Lakefield, Ontario
Jul 15/16 Ditto to all previous comments by others this week. There are many reasons to vacation and all my expectations were exceeded at Igloo Lake lodge! Loved exploring and flying around, caught the largest brook trout of my life & my first ever Northern Pike! Had plenty of time to try out different gear. Many fine chats with Calvin, excellent guiding and exploring with Dave Evans and chow by Eileen - both of whom I have booked a moose hunt with this fall. All the other guides were very helpful and no issues what so ever! The company & camaraderie among the guests was unmatched and equal to or better than any other trip! That Jim Burton guy continues to provide the location, equipment and people that set the bar for a first class experience at Igloo Lake!
Always loved the north country and this trip was fabulous.
Charlie Proctor
Oxford, MA
Jul 15/16 Had a great time at Igloo Lake lodge! Exceptional staff, guides and the food was tremendous!
Caught my trophy trout 9+ pounds at Cabin Pool in front of the Main Lodge!
Hope to book again next year!
Gord Cuming
Fredricton, NB
Jul 15/16 This was my 3rd consecutive year visiting this fine Lodge. The fishing on Burton's pond was exceptional and the main lake produced plenty of excitement. Each year the fish are getting larger proving to me that catch & release works!! Hope to return next year!
Main Lake - 8 brook trout over 6 pounds and largest 8 3/4 pounds!
Burton's Pond - 2 dozen brookies between 3 & 5 1/2 pounds! The Team at the lOdge including Dave & Eileen (cooks) and our guide colin saw to our desire!
Kudos's to a great organization Jim @ Igloo Lake!
Brian Cuming
Fredricton, NB
Jul 15/16 Outstanding time at the Igloo Lake lodge - from start to finish - caught big brookies and made some great memories with new friends. Deon our guide was excellent - had the patience to put up with two guys from the USA. that wanted to fly cast all the time despite his best intentions he was fantastic at accommodating our every need and showed us all the lakes and streams - always with a smile! Dave & Eileen cooked fantastic meals - first time I've gained weight in a fly fishing lodge - great food - great hospitality! Entire staff was truly first class in attending to every need and want. We will return again - FOR SURE!
Thanks for some great memories - 6 1/2 pound brook trout will stay in my mind for many years!
Best wishes to Jim & his crew!
Rik Miller
Jul 15/16 Really great time at the Igloo Lake lodge this week! Lucked out with beautiful weather! Great staff & guides here at Igloo Lake. Fishing is something that i could never imagine in the lower 48 States! Fun time with all the other guests. Please do change a thing here! Glen Baldwin
North Star, Delaware
Jul 15/16 Had a hoot here, caught nearly 200 fish - several brook trout over 6 pounds and one Pike at 20 pounds!
Edwin was the best as our guide, the cooking was first rate everyday, Eileen & Dave can really cook!
Jim was first class gentleman to us and saw to it that anything we wanted was here - LOVE THIS PLACE!
Also, don't miss Burton's pond - that was our favourite fishing hole!
Joe & Denise New
Jackson, GA
Jul 08/16 Had one of my greatest fishing trips ever to Labrador because I was taking my 12 year old grandson Jake with me and of course my good friend Bob Whitten. Jake caught the most fish for the week and also his biggest brookie! Also, a first for him, a trip to Labrador, the ride in the floatplane and also his first Pike. After our first full day fishing at Burton’s Pond I almost had enough footage to complete one episode of the Newfoundland Sportsman TV Show. Seeing my old friends again, particulary Calvin Burton and enjoying the company each night was wonderful! On behalf of Jake & Bob and myself I again sincerely thank my good friend and gracious host Jim Burton. You enabled me to once again make some fantasic memories of yet another wonderful trip to the big land and making it with my grandson is PRICELESS! All the best!
Dwight, Jake Rowe & Bob Whitten
Dwight Blackwood Newfoundland Sportsman TV Show
St. John's, NL
Jul 08/16 Great time had by all!
Spent loads of time with a friendly man, Jim Burton, and had the pleasure of meeting his father!! We toured Goose Bay and ran several errands.

Weather was cool but accomodations, fishing, staff and food were marvellous.

Hats off to Roseann, our cook, who single-handedly made delicious home cooked meals to a small army!

Special thanks to Colin our guide who was always eager to please; friendly,; energetic!

Among bill’s catch was a GIANT 43 inch 25 pound Pike and a 8 pound brookie!
Daniel says his catch in numbers were more thn his fathers but he came in a close 2nd with a 36 inch pike!
As for me, I was always easy to please. Satisfied with the small things & pleasures! Several nice pike & a 4 ½ pound brookie!

Burton’s Pond is a 5 star!!!

We’ll be back for sure!

Parsons family
Cill, Gail & Daniel

PS – Wanted – more females! Challenging all ye outdoor girls! Come have a great time too! *** Remember, the men wouldn’t be born without the women to have them! LOL
Bill, Gail & Daniel Parsons
St. John's, NL
Jun 17/16 An experience like no other! What started out to be a dream has now become a reality! I learned to fly fish 5 years agoas a member of “Project Healing Waters” a group dedicated to teaching injured and ill men & women of the Canadian Forces. I was a participant in the first course NL offered. It ignited my soul. It made me smile for the first time in a long time. Coming to Igloo Lake Lodge has been an accumulation of a long personal journey, one riddled with trauma. The time spent here this past week has touched my soul, stirred my inner being. The accommodations, meals, guides and staff are all top notch! The fishing was amazing! Even if we were camp bound for 3 days with weather! Time spent here will only add to ones self. The friendships made, the memories, laughs all made for a wonderful experience! Thank you Jim!! Vince, Cal, Ed, Colin, John & Joanne. I look forward to my return in the future! “Pro Patria” (For Country). Tight Lines! Ryan Edwards
Pouch Cove, NL
Jun 17/16 My 11th trip to Igloo Lake Lodge!

Saturday June 11 - 2 Pike (one was 10 pounds at Beaver Brook
Sunday – 4 brook trout & largest was 6 pounds.
Monday – Visited Burton’s Pond with 2 other guests and we released over 250 tbrook trout ranging from 3 to 6 pounds. IT WAS UNBELIEVEABLE! Best day fishing I have ever experienced!
Tuesday – Heavey Rain and easterly winds 60 km per hour resulted in white caps and large waves on the lake. We fished Archies and released 4 brook trout in the range of 4 to 6 pounds each.
Wednesday – Heavier rain! East winds at 80 km per hour! Spent the day in the Lodge reading. After supper I went to Forks Pool and released one trout at 4 pounds.
Temperature was 5C.
Thursday had a temperature of 3C in the morning! Some blue sky over the mountians but still some rain and east winds. After lunch we trolled the Lake and I released a 6 pound brook trout (weighted) North Side near Dump Island . Saw a good hatch of May Flies on south side of Dump Island but no trout feeding. After supper went to Archies, 1 pike, 1 sucker, hooked and lost 6 brook trout! Cold & windy - had some snow flurries!
Friday – Bright & Sunny! 7 C in the morning with north wind. Leaving today – a relaxing 6 days – great eats – good company – good guide!
Horace Constable
Moncton, NB
Jun 15/16 Arrived at the Lodge dinner time on the 11th of June & got to the fishing right away that evening. I caught 2 brookies about 6 to 7 pounds each – unreal time! Made the trip to Burton’s pond on the 13th and the 3 of us released over 250 brook trout! Best fishing in the world for sure! Colin is the best – couldn’t ask for a better guide, great guy! All staff are awesome! Food was awesome – thanks for everything! “Trip of a lifetime” FOR SURE! Hope you all have a great season! Cheers! Justin Whiteway
Lewisporte, NL


Date Comment Name & Location
Sep 11/15 What a fantastic week of fishing for the most amazing fall coloured brook trout! Autumn is a wonderful time to fish in Labrador, the Big Land. The guides at the Lodge are world class. They know their fishing game and are quick to help out with anything. Colin (guide) built us a fire everyday - even in the rain and served us hot coffee and even let us try some Labrador Tea. The cooking staff, Austin & Lily served the absolute best food to fuel a day of battling mighty brook trout. The deserts were spectacular! This is no doubt the best place on planet Earth to catch brookies! Thanks Jim, for running such a splendid facility! Paul Smith
Carbonear, NL
Sep 08/15 A Father & Son trip to remember for a lifetime! Great people & wonderful meals and bonus excellent fishing! Craig & Liam Piercey
Aug 21/15 Excellent experience! Fishing was unbelievable - GREAT STAFF! Colin (guide) knew the fishing spots in both burton's Pond & Igloo Lake. We caught approximately forty "5 to 6lb" and to many to count in the 2lb to 3lb range. The Forkes in Archie's Pool (Igloo Lake) was alive yesterday as we released 12 fish in the 6 pound range! Thanks to Jim & Vince for the great company with Harold Wareham. Ted & David Rowe - the music was amazing! Todd, Ed & Art Fisher
St. John's, NL
Aug 21/15 Well, we finally made it here after 3 tries, and boy was it worth it! Never saw trout fishing like it before - an incredible experience! Everybody here is so accommodating - the staff, the guides, even the other guests. Must be some magic in the air, or more likely the wonderful atmosphere you've created in this spot! Thanks to you all for the trip of a lifetime. Ted & David Rowe
St. John's, NL
Aug 18/15 On behalf of myself & Peter we cannot say enough about our experience at Igloo Lake Lodge. Dave & Eileen are amazing cooks - great food! And Calvin ......he is something we will never forget! Doug, our guide for the past 3 days - unbelieveable! We were lucky to have such a knowledgeable guide and a wonderful man!
An amazing experience, never imagined to be able to catch so many brook trout ---- and the size!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Darryl Costello
Bay Bulls, NL
Aug 18/15 Merci beacoup pour ce beau voyage au Igloo Lake Lodge. Nous Avons tres apprecier le personnel, l’accevil chalevreut. Nous avons pecher de magnifique poissons sur des lac imenceset de toute beaute. La nourriture est tres bonne servie avec une cuisiniere et du personnel chaleureux. Merci a Mr. Burton pour son Acceuil. Pascal Touzel Betrand Touzel
Sept Isles, Quebec
Aug 10/15 Thank you very much Jimmie!
An awesome weekend - you are such a special friend! The best staff ever! Went to Burton's pond yesterday for the best fly fishing I have ever experienced!
Tony Eagles
Goose Air Base, Labrador
Aug 10/15 Jim, Vince & Cal and all those Igloo staff - thank you so much for an awesome weekend of fishing and stories.
A special thank you to the cooks for amazing meals.
I always love coming out to Igloo and was extra special this time with a trip to Burton's Pond for the best afternoon of fishing I have ever had!
Thanks again! You guys are all a class act and make us feel welcome overtime we meet.
Till the next time!
Best wishes.
Paul Arsenault
Greenwood, NS
Aug 10/15 A visit 3 years in the making to beautiful Igloo Lake Lodge.We have enjoyed our visit to the fullest, our first time fly fishing has been the greatest adventure imaginable. The staff have been extremely generous and friendly, making you feel right at home.
Dave was our guide and companion for the trip to Burton's Pond where we caught "10" Big Brookies!
A trip to Eagle River (Owl Brook) to try our hand at Salmon fishing and to see the beautiful scenery was fantastic.
Igloo Lake Lodge is a first class establishment giving an opportunity to enjoy nature in all its glory! An enjoy we did!!
Looking forward to our next visit, in hopefully much less than 3 years. LOL
A big thank you to Jim & the Burton Brothers and all Igloo Lake Lodge staff!
Teri-Lynn Jones Kris Lomond
St. John's, NL
Aug 10/15 Back since August 2011 work camp. Took that much time to get the 4 of us together. Very first day I caught a 7 to 8 pound Brookie! My work was done! :) All fish after that was a bonus!
Jim - you are so fortunate to have surrounded yourself with such outstanding first class staff! Your father & Cal gives the lodge that welcome touch!
Great is too small of a word to describe the time we had at Igloo Lake lodge.
All the best!
Bruce Lauder
Halifax, NS
Aug 02/15 A short (one night) but lovely visit. The trout escaped me but I'm so glad we had the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful hospitality and see your little piece of heaven! Many thanks to you and your lovely staff & family. Beth Crosbie
St. John's, NL
Aug 02/15 Beautiful Lodge indeed! Thanks! Honourable John Crosbie
St. John's, NL
Jul 31/15 We just want to say a sincere thank you to all of you for the most amazing trip here @ Igloo Lake Lodge!
Eileen, Dave you are the best cooks and Dave if anyone was ever lucky enough to have you as a guide it was us! You have truly made our fishing trip one of the best experiences of our lives! You've taught us how how to flyfish for the first time and with great success! It's exciting and your stories were truly beautiful. We enjoyed the yummy food and picnic lunches on the beach!
Cal - you are so funny and you could put an ass in a cat! LOL
You are so much fun and so loving!
Colin & Dougie - it's so nice to meet you both - such wonderful guides!
Momma Bear "Eileen" - we love you! You're the kindest and most loving lady! XOXO We are so lucky to have now as our friends!
Jim - there are no words to thank you! Love you and respect you so much! Cannot wait to come back!
Regina & Glenn Russell
St. John's, NL
Jul 31/15 Special place run by special people! Gained weight - in spite of myself! Came for big brookies - caught them! Had lots of fun - good laughs! Will recommend to others!

Take care.
Al Mikalauskas
Wallingford, PA
Jul 31/15 Great Lodge and staff! Beautiful trout - large too! Burton's Pond other than the "black fly hike" was fabulous! We really enjoyed the comandery and the great food.
Best wishes!
Bill Kracht
Glen Mills, PA
Jul 29/15 We just want to say thank you for one of the best fishing trips and adventures we have ever had! We both thoroughly enjoyed catching large trout and pike. The guides, Calvin, Colin, Doug and Dave were very helpful, making us successful at every corner - particularly at Burton's Pond. Eileen & Dave were the best cooks & servers. Thank you to Jim for supporting Rotary and donating this trip so i could get the opportunity to come. We will be back, likely with others! We loved our trip to Owl Brook (Salmon fishing) on the Eagle River. My Dad, Ray Simmons would be proud I learned how to Salmon fish there! Best wishes to Calvin, Camp Manager, he has some great stories! We enjoyed seeing Momo the ground hog, rabbits and the birds. Even got some great weather. To our new friends Regina & Glenn Russell & Bill & Al. There are great memories. Thank you! Thank you! Jane Simmonds Ernie Squires
St. John's, NL
Jul 24/15 Thanks you for a very nice stay at Igloo Lake lodge. We have had nice days to the river, the lake & Burton’s Pond. We have many trophy size fish from 6 to 8 pounds. Largest fish in the Lake (8 pounds) but most activity in Burton’s Pond with about 10 to 15 fish in the boat each day! Many from 4 to 6 pounds. Inger also got a very large pike (20 pounds) on the fly.
Colin has been an excellent guide, easy to be around and with a great sense of hunor. Today our engine broke but everything was fixed quickly (called main lodge on Satellite phone) and we were back at the lodge in time for dinner.
Other funny things thast happended was that when we fished today we put our flies very close together and they crossed as we stripped them towards us. At that exact time a 4 pounder took both flies and we could both bring in the fish!!
We had a very nice time here with Roger & Don with lots of interesting discussions about topics like fishing & wine. The staff has been giving us excellent service and we have even tried Labrador Tea! Thank you very much for a wonderful and enjoyable week.
Inger Rabben Rune Andreassen
Jul 24/15 The highlight of every trip is always the experiences you share with friends you come with the people you meet and new friends you make. The Igloo Lake staff are gracious, entertaining and helpful in so many ways to make our fishing week a remarkable experience. We caught so many trout of wonderful sizes and in plentiful quantities. The size and number of fish set a new standard for me - 6, 8 and 9-10lb trout and several pike of great strength.
We were especially lucky to meet and share stories two world class outdoorsmen and fishermen both terms generic). Inger & Rune keep us enthralled with takes of fishing expeditions.
We enjoyed the great food and company of the staff - thanks for making this trip so memorable!
Roger Kopf
Morristown, NJ
Jul 17/15 Thanks for everything. Had a unbelievable experience. Jim, the next time can you make it an extra large with pepperoni and cheese! Chris Smith
St. John's, NL
Jul 17/15 Had a great time! Thanks for lunch delivered to Burton's Pond. Wayne Smith
St. John's, NL
Jul 17/15 Great food, great times and great company. Had some great fishing at Burton's Pond. Most definitely a trip of a lifetime. Glen Smith
St. John's, NL
Jul 17/15 Many thanks for all your wonderful services!!

Douglas Wilson
Will Payne
Stephen Payne
Douglas Wilson
Jul 14/15 Fantastic experience. Great accommodations, food and overall hospitality. Had a great guide in Colin who taught me a lot about casting. Caught a 22 inch brookie (6 pounder) - what an experience! Thanks to Jim, Calvin and all the crew. Hope to get back soon. David Howe Jr
St. John's, NL
Jul 14/15 I caught lots of trout at Burton's Pond - many over 5 pounds! The staff are excellent and the food perfect! I would recommend to anyone! A wonderful experience! David Howe Sr
St. John's, NL
Jul 12/15 Hi Jim,

It is with great pleasure that I offer my sincere thanks to you & your staff for providing my grandson (Aiden) & myself with an experience of
a life time. It enabled Aiden & myself to enjoy nature at its best together.
A special thanks to Lily & Austin who took Aiden under their wing & treated him as one of their own. They also provided the best of NL
cuisine in significant quantities. They also treated all the guest with the very best service & food. I am sure our good friend & fishing buddy "John Lahr" will confirm. A special thanks to them.

To the guides, a special thank you for their efforts in making our visit very special. Perry Vey gave every effort to increasing Aiden's
ability to properly cast and use a fly. Aiden can now use a fly rod 500% better than he could prior to his visit to Igloo Lake and it also
allowed him the ability to catch his own fish without help. Perry Munroe was also very instrumental in developing Aiden's love of Igloo
Lake. He assisted & directed Aiden in his first endeavor to create a fly and the end result is now known as the "Burton Killer", a photo is
available. To all the guides a very special thanks.

To Calvin, it was 50 years ago when I last encountered this gentleman; therefore,we had a lot of catching up to do. Our reminiscing & stories went well beyond our normal bedtime, and the yarns & stories told by Calvin were very entertaining & enlightening. Thanks Calvin for your continuing friendship & services.

To you Jim, your hospitality & service during our stay in Goose Bay was very much appreciated as it was far above what was expected or required. I offer my sincere thanks for this.

Finally I have to tell you, that Aiden, upon being advised of our departure from Igloo Lake became very sad, he even had tears in his eyes. Since that time he has been exerting great pressure on my soft spot for a return trip to Igloo Lake.

Subject to health condition, I assume we will be seeing you & your staff again next year. I will be in touch later to discuss specifics.

Very Big Thanks from Aiden, myself and Derek
Lloyd Samson
St. John's, NL
Jul 10/15 Simply said, "An amazing experience"!! The 8lb Brookie or the 20lb Pike, all made for a great week. All the staff were incredible, Calvin with his stories, the excellent guides & our cooks took care of us all.
It was a trip of a lifetime for us & Igloo Lake delivered even more than we had hoped.
We had a great group and have made friends that will last a lifetime.
Thanks for everything. Hope to be back in the future.
Randy Hanrahan
Ben Hanrahan
John Furlong
Randy Hanrahan
Marystown, NL
Jul 10/15 The experience of a lifetime. Thanks to Lily, Austin, Calvin and our guide Perry. Derek Burt
Clarenville, NL
Jul 10/15 I caught a lot of trout and pike. I had a wonderful time!

Aiden Burt (10 years old)
Aiden Burt
Clarenville, NL
Jul 10/15 A marvellous experience - the trophy brook trout were only half of it!


John Lahr
London, UK
Jul 03/15 Another great trip to a first class Igloo Lake Lodge! Austin & Lily were superb cooks & hosts. Great group of fishermen also. As Gord stated our guide Colin Preston was exceptional - words cannot explain his ability! I will return! You have great staff Jim! Brian Cuming
Fredricton, NB
Jul 03/15 Fabulious first trip to Igloo Lake. Friendly guests, tremendous meals ( thanks Austin & Lily)! Colin Preston was a super guide, very attentive and competent, we developed a fine friendship! Hope to return again! Gord Cuming
Fredricton, NB
Jul 03/15 Great fishing at Burton's Pond and downstream to Archie's! Good group of friendly people / good food / great guide in Perry Munroe! Fred Albright
Jul 02/15 Just a note to express my appreciation to you and your staff for the help and support I received at the Igloo Lake Lodge during my stay. Lily and Austin were great!!

I enjoyed my fishing and was glad to bring in some nice fish. I wish you well for the rest of the Summer and in all your future endeavors!!

Best Regards,

Charlie Hall
Jun 24/15 Sending out a big thank you to staff & Jim for a wonderful trip! Good people, good times, good food - a fishing trip to remember! Home Hardware (Corporate Group) 12 rods X 2
Atlantic Canada
Jun 19/15 Thanks Jim and your staff. It was a fantastic fishing trip. Great fishing and memories made. You have a first class Lodge Jim! The guides are excellent and the cooks made awesome meals. We will be back! Phil Goudie / David Budgell
HVGB, Labrador
Jun 19/15 First time to Igloo Lake but surely not our last. Amazing fishing & even better company. Kate released 30+ beautiful brook trout and has now caught 30+ trout in her life! ( forever known as Kates Rock). Max Staubitzer Kate McNicholas
St. John's, NL
Jun 19/15 Jim, we had 5 Star Hospitality, 5 Star accommodations, 5 Star Staff & 5 Star Fishing!
I released 30 brookies – 2.5lbs to 5.5lbs & Josh released 28 Brookies 2 to 5.5lbs!

Chris & Joshua Hewitt
St. John's, NL


Date Comment Name & Location
Aug 15/14 Wonderful fishing trip! Beautiful place, gorgeous weather & fantastic fishing! Dave, Eileen & Wayne make this place perfect! Trip of a lifetime!

Rob Kum
Arlington, MA
Aug 15/14 My second trip to Igloo Lake – my first was 30 years ago. Fishing has gottem much better – not so much for me. Wonderful time with good people. Everything was as expected but even better. Fishing was hard but with effort reward came. I caught some great brook trout – best just got better! Be back for sure!

Perry Munro
Wolfville, NS
Aug 14/14 Excellent Time! My 1st time fishing! Conditions wonderful. Food excellent! Dave was fantastic teaching me to cast the fly - I’m hooked! Jim, you have an excellent outfit!

Nick Kum
St. John's, NL
Aug 13/14 Awesome fishing for the nonfisher! Great memories and good food had by all! Jim, Wayne, Dave & Eileen – you have a 1st class operation here, keep up the great work promoting our Province! Keep your rod up!

Scott Andrews
Aug 12/14 Spectacular experience! Eileen, Dave & Wayne you were amazing! Really amazing landing 18 to 5 lb Pike and all those 3 to 5 pound brookies. I’ll be back for sure!
PS – Jim, the Beaver floatplane ride was super cool!!

Terry Mosher
Aug 12/14 Excellent trip! Beautiful place with excellent accommodations! Dave & Eileen were excellent to us and made sure we always had everything we needed. Brook tyrout fishing was good – especially our little trek over to Burton’s Pond. Some nice brook trout and Pike made this trip well worthwhile. Thanks so much for taking good care of us!

Rob Somers & Steve Newhook
St. John's, NL
Aug 10/14 Had a great trip to Igloo Lake! Caught lots of Northern Pikeand a few nice brookies! Great food- fishing is amazing!Thanks to all the staff. See you next trip! Stan MacIntyre
St. John's, NL
Aug 10/14 Had an amazing trip to Igloo Lake. Lots go Pike & brookies. Staff was excellent. I won't be late for dinner next time Eileen ( lol ). Hope to return someday with my father - Johnny Dyke & two sons. Brad Dyke
Paradise, NL
Aug 08/14 Comfortable lodging -
Fabulous meals -
Top notch kitchen staff -
Great guides -
Big beautiful trout -
Rippling waters -
Picturesque surroundings -
Friendly black flies -
Variable weather -
Plentiful Pike!
Mother nature at her finest. What more could a person ask for? Many thanks to Eileen & Dave & to the # 1 guide - Wayne Moores. Thanks for the memories!
Ron Belanger
Kentville, NS
Aug 06/14 Wow! What a beautiful time we had at Igloo Lake Lodge! Thanks so much for the lovely food, expert guiding & storytelling! Mum really appreciated the sturdy chair so she could be Queen Bee while she fished! Thanks jim for all your support of Autism Society.
Wonderful memories of our few days here!
Margaret & Susan Patten
St. John's, NL
Aug 05/14 Where do we start! Let me tell you about the cook, amazing meals, especially jigs dinner! A tour up the river was wicked when we landed over 100 brookies! The boat ride along the shore we fought a few Pike. Thanks for the time! Jason Carter
St. John's, NL
Jul 31/14 From the first night we arrived, the entire trip was amazing! We came without much experience fishing, but the knowledge and professionalism of the guides was a great help. They helped us catch 60+ fish and taught us a thing or two on the way. The quality of service at the lodge was second to none. Dave & Eileen took great care of us and always made us feel at home. The food was always fantastic. To top it all off, the landscape surrounding the lodge is amazing. There is plenty of wildlife to see & we were treated to beautiful sunsets every night!
Thanks for a great week!
Ron & Michael Ellsworth
St. John's, NL
Jul 24/14 Wow!! My biggest brookie ever 9lbs! And what a time to get it while filming an episode of the Newfoundland Sportsman TV Show!
But that wasn’t the best part of the trip. The best part of the trip was meeting my new friends especially Trent Corcoran & his father Jim. Trent was the winner of the 4th Annual Take Me Fishing Contest and none more deserving winner was there. Trent served 3 tours of Afghanistan and 1 of Kosovo. In my eyes, he’s my hero! Having risked his life many times over for his Country so that we can continue to enjoy our freedom in a country that’s envied the world over – thank you Kent!
Laughing was contagious at the Lodge. Many a night was spent having a few sociables and telling every joke imaginable.
Cooks fabulous, guides fabulous, food delicious, guests – new lifelong friends! Did I enjoy my week? I think the above answers that question.
My great friend Jim Burton, a very special thank you for again inviting me to Igloo Lake Lodge and for being such a caring and major sponsor of the unforgettable “Take Me Fishing” contest. Your generosity will never be forgotten!
Dwight Blackwood Bob Whitten
Newfoundland Sportsman TV Show
Jul 24/14 Thanks Jim for a wonderful experience at Igloo Lake Lodge. Eight big beautiful brook trout - the most I ever caught. Dave & Eileen provided great meals & hospitality. Danny ( our guide ) knew exactly where to take us & great advice for a novice like me. I will always remember this "first" trip to beautiful Igloo Lake.
PS - Your other guests - Dwight & Bob ( Newfoundland Sportsman ), Trent & Jim Corcoran ( winner of Take Me Fishing contest ) are all remarkable people. Jim, you attract the best!
Tom McCaughey
St. John's, NL
Jul 24/14 What a trip! Great food, great fun but most especially great friends & then to top it off was the Igloo Lake fishing experience - I got a 6 3/4 lb Brook Trout "a dream come true"! Thanks to Jim & staff for a fishing trip to remember. Jim Finch ( like the birds )
St. John's, NL
Jul 20/14 Great experience fishing at Igloo Lake – became an expert on hooking Pike!! Made some new friends and enjoyed the hospitality and great meals provided br Dave & Eileen. Frank was an attentive guide & did his best to put us on brookies. Weather was fantastic & that’s always a bonus. Eric & Donna Stone
St. John's NL
Jul 18/14 My dream was to catch a trophy trout on a dry fly. My dream became reality on day one with 6 brook trout from 5 to 7 pounds! The Carters Bug is the secret! Food was wonderful, company was great and the staff first rate! Make sure you ask the guides to take you to Lloyds Delight! My greatest pleasure was to be able to share the trip with my two sons Adam & Ian. It has been an experience of a lifetime & memories we will always cherish. Thanks to Dave & Eileen for making us feel at home & feeding us so well. Thanks to the guides for putting us on such great fish. Bob Campbell
New Brunswick
Jul 18/14 I have dreamt of this trip since I was a kid! I had high expectations & they were met with such a great experience. My goal was to catch fish on a dry fly. I caught several trout & Pike that way. Watching those fish break the still surface is what dreams are made of! I have one less item on the bucket list but with a return here added. Adam Campbell
New Brunswick
Jul 18/14 Had a great week. Dave & Eileen ( cooks ) provided great meals! The guides were knowledgeable and put us on fish. We had tough conditions but all of us managed to release Brookies in the 6 to 7 ½ lb range. I will try & return! Great group of guests as well! Brian Cuming
New Brunswick
Jul 18/14 Had a wonderful experience. The food was plentiful & delicious. The guides put us on lots of fish. Caught my first pike on a fly and my largest brookie to date! Fishing the small creek for “smaller” fish was non stop action! The cooks were amazing hosts! Thanks to all! Brent Evered
New Brunswick
Jul 17/14 Everything was super from the get go!

Don Geoff
St. John, NB
Jul 17/14 The food was too good! The cook & her husband were perfect! Beautiful lake & the biggest trout I ever caught! I really enjoyed your guides, very friendly & knowledgeable.

Paul Philips
New Brunswick
Jul 17/14 An amazing trip! Fishing was amazing from Igloo Lake to Burtons Pond and the brook by the Lodge. Lots of fish big & small. Guides were great “Frankie” took good care of us and Dave and Eileen fed us more than well. The “guests” were excellent, laughed and told stories for a solid week certainly made the experience a great trip.

Chris & Joshua Rideout
Ottawa, ON
Jul 10/14 The same from me. Stop counting fish and enjoy the experience! Ed Mayo
St. John's, NL
Jul 10/14 To the staff of Igloo Lake Lodge. Thank you for your hospitality. We had a great week with excellent fishing! Great food! Lots of laughs with great friends. Truly a trip of a lifetime, we look forward to coming back again! Chris Smith
St. John's, NL
Jul 10/14
Great trip! The Lodge is excellent, the staff are friendly and great to hear all their stories! Burton’s Pond was a great experience – 63 trout in total for two boats in one day! Enjoyed it, would come back in a second! Keep up the great work & I will be an ambassador for your Lodge for the rest of my life! Great food! Thanks Jim!

Paul, Elmo & Peter Russell
St. John's, NL
Jul 04/14 Great trip. Not the best weather but good food, great people and awesome fishing. Couldn’t ask for more! Bev & Jerry MacQuarrie
Jun 20/14 My 9th trip to Igloo Lake in 10 years! Great trophy fish! Best cooks ever! Guides put us over fish everyday. Horace Constable
Moncton, NB
Jun 20/14 "Ditto" - big brook trout at Igloo Lake - the BEST! Tom Rock
Jun 20/14 Where else in the world can you go and catch fat trophy brookies!! Such a privilege to catch so many brook trout at Igloo Lake. Food - the amazing cooks have us all going home larger! Keith Savoury
Stansordville, NY
Jun 20/14 My fifth trip to Igloo and this was the best! Major facility improvements, exceptional staff and marvellous fishing - I will return. Dennis Bunnell
Cape Cod, MA
Jun 20/14 Great trip! Great food & the best fishing EVER!!! Terry Evans
St. John's, NL
Jun 18/14 I have endlessly been in quest for trophy brookies and finally discovered a place that can provide such. Fishing Igloo lake Lodge was a cherished and unforgettable experience. I have been an active sport fisherman for more than 35 years and can honestly say that this place is certainly a conqueror. Professional and proficient staff and a well run establishment. Not merely did we catch more than our share yet the size average was 4 to 5 pounds; to my biggest and most triumphant catch of an eight pounder. These fish are feisty and magnificent to catch. Anyone seeking the ultimate fishing experience; I strongly recommend this place. Jim Burton, the owner was very helpful and informative throughout my experience.
Peter Efthimiakopoulos
Montreal, Quebec


Date Comment Name & Location
Aug 18/13 What a trip!
My husband and I had an unforgettable time at Igloo Lake in August 2013. I am not even an avid fisher-woman but I loved every second of reeling in the Big Beautiful Brook Trout and Feisty Pike. We relaxed in the peace and quiet, caught huge fish, ate delicious food, and made great new friends with the accommodating staff. We would love to plan a return trip in the future.
Jaime & Cameron Hargraft
Georgina, ON
Aug 16/13 Weather wasn't the best but we had a fantastic experience at Igloo Lake Lodge! Big Brook Trout and huge Pike were a real treat! Hope to make a return trip soon! Mike Lawyer
New Winsor, NY
Aug 16/13 We had an excellent day at Burton's Pond and enjoyed the company & service all week. Pat & Reg Fulton
Nova Scotia
Aug 14/13 Igloo Lake is a beautiful retreat, great trout fishing & great staff! A please to meet the Burton family, innovators in Conservation! John McCarthy
Corner Brook, NL
Aug 14/13 We had a marvellous trip to Igloo Lake Lodge! We met jim in Goose & had the pleasure of meeting Vince Burton ( Jim's dad) & Amy ( Jim's daughter ). After settling in, we went to Benjamin's Pool & to the Fork's at Archie's Pond. Collectively, we hooked & released 14 large trout! Oh what excitement! We had excellent fishing with our larger trout in the 5 pound range. Staff are very courteous. Eileen & Dave are special people and served us delicious meals & oh the deserts! :)
We made some special bonds! Thank you to the staff for excellent service! This has been a trouting trip of a lifetime!
Bob Mercer
Corner Brook, NL
Aug 07/13 Trip of a lifetime! Had a great time, caught lots of fish at Igloo Lake, great fellowship, great host and hosts. Good food! Been on a bunch of trips, done lots of fishing in my life time but did not have as much fun as I had at Igloo Lake Lodge! Thanks for everything! Roger Stallard
Aug 06/13 Great week of fishing with group at Igloo Lake. Great fishing and company. Many thanks to Dave & Eileen for the great food and care to details in the Lodge. Accommodations were wonderful & very well kept. Jim Mulkey
Jamesboro, MA
Aug 05/13 Igloo Lake is a place you read about in a magazine but never think you might experience. As a country boy from VA you can only dream of going places like this - a trip of a lifetime! A dream come true - caught six - 6 1/2 pound brook trout the first day but nothing can replace the experience! Top be with family and friends, meeting new friends, swapping stories and experiences some old and some new, it doesn't matter. Nice to find out that Jim Burton is a Realtor. Dave & Eileen are great cooks - food was awesome!
Doug Stallard
Aug 02/13 This was our third visit to Igloo Lake Lodge and we can honestly say it was very relaxing and fun week. The best part of the journey is meeting new friends and we met many from all walks of life. Wayne, our guide was entertaining as always. Great fishing, of course, since I caught a 6 1/2 pound brook trout at Igloo Lake! Eileen & Dave were great hosts - I am not going home any lighter!
Thanks you for an awesome week and may life bring you much happiness & many blessings. Hope to see you again in the future!
Stan & Mary Neff
Michigan, USA
Aug 02/13 Thank you to all for everything! Great place for a father / son! Kevin Reddick
Wabush, Labrador
Aug 02/13 Thanks to Igloo Lake for providing an exceptional fishing experience. Burton's Pond was the hi-light of the trip. Brookies in the 2 - 6 lb range! Thanks you :) Dennis Reddick
Wabush, Labrador
Aug 02/13 Monster Trout at Igloo Lake! Great time. Really enjoyed the trip to Burton's Pond with Wayne! Bill Taylor
Corner Brook, NL
Aug 02/13 Had a blast at Igloo!!! Big thanks to guides & cooks.
Tight lines.
Steve House
Corner Brook, NL
Aug 02/13 Thanks a lot for having us! I really enjoyed my time here and the fish were amazing! The staff was perfect and it was a nice relaxing week. I hope this Lodge prospers as I'm sure it will. Thank you. Alexander Germain
St. John's, NL
Aug 02/13 Igloo Lake gave me & my son the best fishing experience we have ever had! Alex would like to take our guide home ( Rex ) because he's like an uncle / grandpa with the youngsters. It's been a wild week of adventure and sharing tall stories with good people from NL & USA. Great Company. Great food. Great fishing. Great Time! Anthony Germain
St. John's NL
Jul 25/13 The last day! A good week of hunting brookies & pike. We had to contend with a lot of wind & rain. Overall good. Tried to get out salmon fishing but the wind & river did not cooperate. Oh well, Labrador is very scenic & worth the visit. I will be back. Greg Rose
Ann Arbor, MI
Jul 23/13 Our first fishing trip to Labrador, one for the bucket list! Great people, great country - our first brook trout & our first pike - our first black bear! Thanks to all the staff - you are the best! Particular thanks to Elieen, Dave & Frankie. Pil & Cynthia Whelan
St. John's, NL
Jul 23/13 Thanks for a great week! Big Salmon & Brookies!!!
The New Fly Fisher crew
Rebekka Redd
Jul 21/13 Our first trip to Labrador and to Igloo Lake Lodge. We had an amazing time, the staff are so friendly & helpful. We caught our first trout & pike, exciting times! We hope to come back next year! Anna Patten and Chris Forward
St. John's, NL
Jul 19/13 Fish - large & beautiful! Weather - windy and lots of laughs! People ALL so nice and friendly. Our Wendy is special. Something to never forget! Thanks You! Allie & Larry Alyward
Havelock, NB
Jul 19/13 We all had our first floatplane ride with Jim as pilot. He is a great man and runs a wonderful lodge at Igloo Lake. Made some new friends and had some wonderful meals. Extra special thanks to Eileen & Dave for the wonderful attention to each of us and hope to have more laughs in the future. Hoping for a return visit soon. Anne, Katie & Christopher Cruickshank
Moncton, NB
Jul 19/13 Had a grand time. The fishing was great. The food was out of this world - I loved the fishing! Will love to come back! Bob Steeves Sr. ( 89 years old )
Moncton, NB
Jul 19/13 Great trip, food was lovely and the plane trip was awesome! Great people, place & I recommend to anyone - awesome fishing! Bob Steeves
Moncton, NB
Jul 19/13 Great people, such a lovely place & meals all so good! My first floatplane ride & Jim is such a nice man & the ride was nice. Dave & Eileen went above & beyond. Thanks for everything. hope to see you soon. June Cruickshank
Moncton, NB
Jul 17/13 Had a lovely time. Great people! It was really nice to see my friends Dave & Eileen ( cooks ). Look forward to seeing you this fall. Murray Cruickshank
Moncton, NB
Jul 01/13 Jim,

Pam and I would like to thank you and your staff for an exceptional experience at Igloo Lake Lodge (ILL) last week. This was our first time at your lodge and the trout fishing, lodging, meals and staff were all top shelf ! We felt like we were welcomed into your family as guests at your lodge.

As retired fisheries biologists, Pam and I were amazed at the number of trophy brook trout we caught including a 6.5 and 7 lb. monster. The fish averaged 5 pounds which is incredible for a brook trout population!
We were extremely impressed with your guide staff and the care they take in releasing these beautiful trout.
I especially enjoyed having in depth discussions on the limnology of Igloo Lake with your head guide Wayne Moores. He has a great knowledge of the local ecology of the Eagle River drainage.

We are still talking about the wonderful meals prepared by Austin and Lilly, and the luxury of your new "Labrador Room".

I have attached a few pictures of our trip for your website.

Can't wait to return.

Best Wishes,

Pam & John Thiel
Pam & John Theil
La Crosse, Wisconsin
Jun 28/13 Thanks to the Palmers!
My first trip to Igloo Lake & I will definitely be back. Caught my first 6lb plus brook trout at Igloo Lake and my first Pike on the fly! The guides are top notch and the food prepared by Austin & lily was out of this world! The whole operation at Igloo Lake is first class from the start to the end!
Tight lines!
Derek Munn
Doaktown, NB ( Ledges Inn )
Jun 28/13 This was my second trip to Igloo Lake. It was great to see Wayne again & meet the new guides & staff. Austin & Lily prepared some amazing meals - all my favourites! The hatch was on & the dry fly fishing as excellent! Several brook trout in the 6+ pound range & 150+ brookies in the 2 to 3 pound range! What a great trip! I hope to bring my son Aidan on the next trip. Thanks! Joe Palmer
Woodstock, NB
Jun 28/13 Jim,

Had a terrific week at Igloo Lake. What a wonderful Lodge and fishing experience at Igloo Lake.
Steve Palmer
Woodstock, NB
Jun 28/13 Great trip, good food & lots of brook trout at Igloo Lake! Chris Palmer
Toronto, Ontario
Jun 28/13 This is my first trip to Igloo Lake, caught some beautiful 6lb brook trout, we had great guides and the food was excellent. This Lodge is first class all the way, I hope to make it back sometime. Brian Carroll
Fredericton, NB
Jun 21/13 This is my 8th visit to Igloo Lake Lodge! 40 Pike on day one & 25 Pike on day two! 15 Brookies on last day ( 7 on dry fly )! Fabulous meals! Lily & Austin are gourmet cooks! Guides did a great job!
Horace Constable
Moncton, NB
Jun 21/13 Igloo Lake Lodge is a wonderful facility in a spectacular location! Austin & Lily serve gourmet meals beyond compare & we believe everyone of Calvin’s stories! Boyd Carson
Moncton, NB
Jun 21/13 Thanks Austin & Lily for a great week.

Stephen Carson
Moncton, NB
Jun 19/13 Best food & companionship anywhere! Fabulous trip!

Gary Hebbard
St. John's, NL
Jun 14/13 In our fast paced world of technology and task, it is becoming more important to find time and space for reflection. Labrador is the perfect environment for peace. This is my third trip to Labrador with Jim Burton and my first trip to Igloo Lake Lodge. Being the first guests for the season we enjoyed 3 clear seasons of weather! Snow was 5 feet high in front of the Lodge when we arrived on Friday and seven days later it’s almost gone! The Lake came alive this week. Mayfly hatches in abundance, the Sucker fish began their annual spawn at Burton’s Pond – a remarkable thing to witness. I enjoyed three great hikes to Burton’s Pond with my amazing guide Wayne Moores. The first two trips we hooked and released over 100, 4-6 pound trout! By far the greatest trout fishing I have ever experienced!! One of my other great experiences was hooking an absolute monster of a Pike. We measured the length at 40 inches! Our final trip to Burton’s Pond found the Suckers in full spawn and the brook trout seemed further out in the Lake. I hooked and released my largest – a 7 pound brook trout that day! I cannot say enough about how wonderful my time was this past week. I feel rejuvenated, at peace and yearning for another trip to Paradise!
I am forever grateful to all the staff at Igloo Lake! Lily & Austin’s cooking and candor was excellent. Wayne, my guide was a true gentleman and a testament to how amazing a place this Igloo Lake Lodge is! Jim, you are a wonderful man and a great friend to me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience!
Michael Fantuz, June 14
Mike Fantuz
Gander, NL
Jun 12/13 After fishing extensively for both Atlantic salmon and brook trout in NL for the past 40+ years, I had the privilege during the past three years to fish at the Flowers River lodge in Northern Labrador, and can now say that this is the best river in the province if you are interested in catching very large salmon. In early June of this year I decided to visit Igloo Lake Lodge (South of Goose Bay) for brook trout, and can now truly say that this watershed has the best trophy trout fishing in the NL . The average weight of trout caught by my fishing partner (Mike Fantuz) and I was about 4 ½ lbs, and there were times we were consistently catching fish this size on every cast, and many times we both had a trophy trout on at the same time. We caught many trout in the 5-6lb range with our largest being 7lbs. Trout in the 8,9, and 10lb range are not uncommon in this system but alluded us on this particular trip, thus tempting us to return again in the near future.

What’s interesting about the Flowers River Lodge and the Igloo Lake Lodge is that they are both owned and operated by Jim Burton and his father Vince who for many years now have instilled a total catch and release (no kill) fly fishing policy at both camps. There can be no question that this wise management philosophy has resulted in producing the best Atlantic salmon and best trout fishing destinations in NL bar none.

Lilly and Austin served up some of the tastiest food I have ever been served at such fishing lodges, and the guides are very knowledgeable and accommodating to your every need. Last winter I day dreamed every day about returning to Flowers River Lodge to fish again for those 30lb+ salmon, this year I know I will be day dreaming about returning to Igloo lake Lodge to fish again for those monster brook trout!

Thanks Jim for providing me with the best salmon and trout fishing trips that I have ever been on in all my years of fishing. I can’t wait to get back next year…. the only question now is which Lodge should I return to!


Don Ivany
Don Ivany
Corner Brook, NL


Date Comment Name & Location

Mark Blazis, New York Times –owned Telegram.com

Being used to fishing Labrador’s incomparable Igloo Lake giant brook trout from June through August, I didn’t know what to expect during the week leading up to the Sept. 15 closure. No one else knew either. We were the first to fish here this late.
From the moment we landed on the beaver, Jim Burton’s classic bush plane, I noticed much had changed. The neotropical migrant birds that flew here in late spring from the Caribbean, South, & Central America to bear their young and feed them abundant caterpillars were gone. The northern waterthrushes that previously occupied every section of shoreline and flew out over the water revealing mayfly hatches and giant brook trout – like onecean terns revealing the presence of bluefish and striped bass – had vanished. Only a few blackflies, mosquitoes, and stouts reminded me of summer.
The forest was now silent except for a few rusty blackbirds, gray jays, red-breasted nuthatches, white-crowned sparrows, juncos, and boreal chickadees. Bird life on the lake was dominated by flocks of black, surf, and white-winged scoters floating in rafts below an occasional bald eagle or osprey.
Water was the lowest in memory, thanks to a serious lack of rains this past season. Brookies were preparing to spawn, and they were massing in incredible concentrations at Burton’s Lake, named after the family that introduced the concept of catch-and-release trophy fishing here. Their vision has resulted in the sustainability of the greatest trophy brook trout fishing in the world.
The walk into Burton’s Lake is best done on a cold windy day, when the blackflies are less social. But this time of year, one is also greeted by the emergence of blueberries, cranberries, and the little-known creeping crow berry, which I picked by the handful to hydrate and energize myself. Mushrooms and lichens were prolific, the latter explaining the presence of caribou droppings in our path.
Wayne Moores, old friend, veteran guide and innovative fly tyer, suspected the giants would be concentrated along a rocky shoreline – and they were. My bride Helen and I caught and released 26 giants over 4 lbs. before being satiated. But as spectacular as the size were the colors of these spawning fish. Red-bellied males showed their genetic relationship to the char family.
The following day, Hurricane Leslie’s ferocious winds would prevent us from returning to Burton’s. Instead, we fished Igloo Lake River, all the way down to Archie’s. Most veterans at Igloo Lake would not have recognized the water, which was flowing at only ¼ capacity, enabling each pool to be accessed with Muck Boots or sneakers. At every rocky projection were piles of freshwater clam shells – leftovers from otters feasting on the river’s bounty. Signs of The pre-spawning fish were concentrated in the deepest water just below Cabin Pool, and we caught them at will – dozens from 2 to 3 lbs. But our thoughts were on the giants that awaited us elsewhere, as soon as the winds diminished.
We would have the privilege of fishing Burton’s Lake two more times. On our last day, a lone Iceland gull surveyed the water, and a loon moved in to fish alongside us. The presence of loons means trout.
The first major frost of the year had turned the birches and leather-leaf a bit yellow. Broadwinged hawks would now be vacating the North. The goldenrods had already gone to seed, but a few hardy asters were still in bloom around the bogs. A lone hermit thrush – normally the boreal forest’s most beautiful singer – wagged his tail for us, as two greater yellow legs – fueled up for their long flight south.
Despite more threatening winds, Wayne put us in position for one last try at Burton’s giants – and the effort paid off big time. We landed 30 giants, a handful approaching 6 lbs – by far our best day. We lost many others to speculate about: our barbless hooks were meant to injure no fish, but they allowed a few giants to prematurely release themselves. I know these waters have an 8-pounder waiting for me, and one of them might have been on today.
Igloo Lake flyfishermen can come here right after ice-out and catch up to a hundred fish a day on voracious giants feeding eagerly on sucker caviar. Or they can come the last week of June or first week of July and see emergences of mayflies concentrate the giants where dry flies will bring dozens of trout to the boat. But considering the incomparable beauty of the spawning trout in September here, I have no doubt streamer fishermen will flock to Igloo Lake in the future to have the privilege of seeing them in full flame. I don’t feel worthy of being the first to experience this treasure now, but I know I won’t be the last.

Mark & Helen Blazis
Grafton, Mass
Sep 10/12 Thanks so much to Jim and gang; Randy, Marry Ann, Frank, Barry and Wayne! We have been spoiled by sun, fish, food and song!
I caught the biggest,
Dave caught the most,
but we were both outdone,
by all our hosts!!

Thanks for the great memories!
Sue McDonald and Dave Crosbie
St. John's, NL
Aug 27/12 Our stay at Igloo Lake Lodge was beyond my wildest imagination. The fishing for brook trout was so good that it was surreal. We lost count of the number of fish caught that were over 4 lbs! I have seen fishing this hot before, but never with fish of this size. The new boats were outstanding, and the lodge itself was fantastic. All of the staff are top notch folks and made our stay a pleasure. Wayne's guiding skills are certainly to be commended. His vast knowledge extended way beyond fishing and added immensly to the enjoyment of the wilderness at Igloo Lake. Thank you for making our trip into the trip of a lifetime, although I am certain that we will have to visit again.

Thank you!
Mike Bokan
Gloversville, NY
Aug 27/12 Best Brook Trout fishing I've ever experienced! Food, friends, and fly fishing was beyond my wildest dreams!! Hugh W. Hutchings - "The Fly Shack"
Gloversville, NY
Aug 26/12 Great trip! Well taken care of! Thanks you very much! Wish we could have stayed longer! Robert Jenkinson
Goose Bay, Labrador
Aug 26/12 Had an amazing time........wish we could stay longer! Jason Hayes
Goose Bay, Labrador
Aug 20/12 Thanks for the great weekend! Brook trout fishing was great! Food was wonderful! Love to come back! Jason Brenton
Goose Bay, Lab
Aug 20/12 Wonderful experience, great trout fishing, Looking forward to another trip in the years to come. Colin O'Brien
Goose Bay, Lab
Aug 20/12 Thanks for the great time.........I will be back! Steve Steve
Aug 20/12 Absolutely wonderful time! Beautiful place, great fishing, great guides, great cooks! Love to come back! Thank you for everything!
Gina Morrison
Aug 20/12 Thanks for a great trip! We had good food, great trout fishing, and enjoyed the peace & quiet of the place. The guides were very helpful and the cooks wonderful! Thanks to PAL / Innu Mikun for the opportunity. You have a lovely Lodge and the experience was worth repeating! Frances Clarke
Aug 20/12 Thanks so much to PAL for the awesome fishing experience. My son Scott’s dream of catching a “Pike” was fulfilled “7” lbs and he caught 15 “4 to 5” lb brook trout! Great group of people to spend a weekend with! Food was wonderful! Thanks Wayne for the pike filleting lesson and the fly tieing lesion! Scott cannot wait to tie some more! Maxin & Scott Johnson
Corner Brook, NL
Aug 10/12 Jim,
I’m leaving today with very fond memories of Igloo Lake and in particular “Honey Hole” & “Lloyd’s Delight”.
Eileen, Dave, Wayne and Franky were all gracious and helpful. They truly make your stay a fun an memorable experience. Thank you most sincerely for a wonderful visit and sharing this wonderful piece of heaven with me.

Bill Mahoney
St. John's, NL
Aug 10/12 Well Bill said it all….good times and new friends. Thanks jim I had a ball. Your Team is great and wonderful people.

Gary Glenn
Halifax, NS
Aug 08/12 Going Home today with Jim Danahy after a couple of days at Igloo Lake Lodge. Yes, I had forgotten how to cast a fly but Franky and Wayne were very patient with me. Spent two memorable days out on the Lake and will remember forever the epic battle to bring in a 12 pound Pike. Despite my best efforts however, the experienced and wild brook trout at the honey hole just laughed at my casts and ignored my pleas. No matter – I had a fantastic time – in good company with warm friendly people, good food, a comfortable bed and spectacular scenery!
Thank you Jim for inviting me into this small corner of Paradise!

Marc Garneau
Ottawa, ON
Aug 06/12 Great trip. Great staff!
Haven’t enjoyed ourselves so much for years! Special thanks to Frank our guide! We laughed for days caught lots of fish and told stories until the wee hours of the morning. Thanks Jim, we’ll be back!

Art Reid Calvin Ash
St. John's, NL
Aug 05/12 Great time at Igloo Lake Lodge with family & new friends. Food, fishing, atmosphere, staff were outstanding! Will be back again. Looking forward to next year!

Michael & Amanda O’Brien
St. John's, NL
Aug 04/12 Great time here at Igloo Lake. First time in a fish lodge and came here with my family ( 5 ). We spent 2 nights here and had a wonderful time. Great staff & great food. Thanks.
The Parrott Family Neil, Willa, Charles, Janice & Nick
The Parrott Family Neil, Willa, Charles, Janice & Nick
Happy Valley, Lab
Aug 04/12 Words fail me to adequately describe the greatness of a week fishing at Igloo Lake Lodge. Once again the fishing was fabulous as we landed many 4 to 6 pound brookies. Not to many places in the world can provide you with this fishing excitement.
Our company, particularly Laura & Brian Peckford, winners of the “Take Me Fishing” Contest were absolutely wonderful. Laughs galore and two of the nicest people you would want to meet – it seems as if you have known them for years. What a great way to start a new friendship.
Guides were great and our cook Lucy & Tom were terrific – even washed my cloths so I could have some clean ones for an unexpected trip for 7 days to Flowers River Lodge tomorrow.
Our host and good friend Jim Burton was once again the consummate and gracious host that we have come to truly appreciate. Thanks Jim once again for a great week!
PS……I forgot to mention that we did two TV Shows. This was a huge bonus!
Dwight Blackwood - Newfoundland Sportsman
St. John's, NL
Aug 03/12 It really was a "trip of a lifetime".
Fish, food, lodge, Lucy & Frank were amazing.
Jim you're the best. Thanks Igloo for everything - memories for life! Dwight Blackwood with Newfoundland Sportsman is a true Newfoundland Gem!
.........Laura was the winner of 2012 Take Me Fishing Contest.
Brian & Laura Peckford
Lewisporte, NL
Aug 03/12 What a time we had!!!
Super guide and monster Salmon on the Eagle ( Owl Brook fly out ). Still dreaming of the huge 30 lb salmon that toyed with my fly. ( Spey!!! )
Dale Loveless
St. John's, NL
Aug 03/12 Great fishing. Lots of fun with great friends! Felix Loveless
Paradise, NL
Aug 03/12 Great fishing, fantastic people to spend a week with. Igloo Lake, Labrador - what a beautiful place! Thanks jim for the memories!
All the best!
Bob Whitten ( with Newfoundland Sportsman )
St. John's, NL
Aug 03/12 Great time lots of fish! Colby Loveless ( age 10 )
Paradise, NL
Jul 29/12 To all the members of Igloo Lake Lodge - Wayne, Frank & Lucy. Thanks you for making my stay "sensational"!
To my fellow guests, Gil, Geoff & Floyd - I have made friends forever!
To Jim Burton - A special individual who God should bless for all his enthusiasm and love of the resource at Igloo Lake.
An amazing week of Brook Trout & Northern Pike flyfishing. Wonderful weather! Great laughs & fun! Wishing everyone who comes here....I wish as great a time as I had!

Dr. Ira Sacker
New York, NY
Jul 27/12 My first time to Igloo Lake. Had a fantastic time. Burton's Pond was great action! Wayne & Frank ( guides ) were very good. I will be back! Geoff Smith
Paradise, NL
Jul 27/12 First time to Igloo Lake Lodge. Had a great time with wonderful people. Guides were great. Great food! Caught a lot of Northern Pike. Lots of brookies in the streams in the 2 - 3 pound range. Gil Smith
St. John's, NL
Jul 27/12 First time for me at Igloo Lake. Beautiful spot, had a fabulous time. The fishing was great, the guides & lucy unbelievable. Meeting & fishing with Ira has been an experience I will not forget.
Already planning a return trip! Thanks to Jim, Wayne, Frank & Lucy & Ira for everything!
Floyd Mitchell
St. John's, NL
Jul 13/12 I have visited lodges all over Canada. Quebec mostly and Labrador the past 5-6 years. Hundreds of big brookies sucumed to my fly. Broadback River, Lake Assinica, Marten River, Rubert River, Eastmain River to mention a few. And Labrador I've visited
3 Rivers Lodge, Osprey Lake Lodge, Crooks River Lodge, Minipi Lake and they all were superb fishing. Like Lee Wulff said fairytale. But Igloo is definitly fairytale fishing. I really enjoyed it. Nothing like a giant brookie on a small dry fly. You have a wonderful place Jim.
Richard Parlin for Feathers and Trout. Parlin
Maine, USA
Jul 13/12 We had a wonderful week at Igloo Lake Lodge! We could have hoped for less wind and rain but the beautiful surroundings. Wayne's excellent guiding and the marvelous NFLD.
cooking by the singing chef and his fair haired lady Mary Ann more than made up for the lack of fair weather. Oh and the brookies were all that we had hoped for. Beautiful and plentiful. We wish for everyone at Igloo Lake Lodge good health, the best season ever
and always--tight lines.
Tom and Ellen Gilliam
Forest, Va.
Jul 09/12 First time fishing for large brook trout. Great fun and good fishing.
The guides and food were great. Good NFLD. food!
Thanks to all.
Fabian and Moe Clarke
St. John's, NL
Jul 09/12 After living in Newfoundland all my 39 years, this trip became an eye opener for me (Chris) and Wade. We often take things for granted, reading and learning about other places and things to do everywhere else. Realizing now that the things our own Province has to offer will keep me staying for GREAT FISHING!!!!
We have travelled and ski-do'd to other lodges but none compares to the friendleness of the guides and cooks.
The food and fishing are tied. Both excellent!!!!!
Chris Crosbie and Wade Oates
Chris Crosbie and Wade Oates
Bay Roberts, NL
Jul 04/12 Our second visit to beautiful Igloo Lake Lodge and what an incredible experience it was. Weather conditions cooled and the fishing was awesome--we caught 116 trout most of which were in the 4 pound range with plenty of 5 and 6 pounders. We especially were impressed with the people here. Wayne and his team are very experience guides and also a lot of fun--they helped us find the fish and Randy the singing chef and Mary Ann served up
an excellent variety of tastey food with top notch service. This really is a world class destination and an unforgetable Labrador experience. You have create something very special here Jim and you should be very proud of yourself and your team! We'll be back!!
Ken Bennett with sons Justin and Mark, Steve O'Dea
St. John's, NL
Jun 29/12 Wonderful experience--A true Labrador exrerience.
No flies--really warm.
Fishing experience was great.
Food excellent. Staff excellent.
Best of luck.
Wayne Cranford and Dennis Baker
St. John's NL.
Jun 29/12 First time at Igloo Lake. Fishing was tough due to warm weather.
Hard work to fish but when they came they were BIG!!!!
Chef Randy and Mary Ann kept everyone well fed and
entertained in camp. Best food of any camp I have been to!
Alex McKiggan
Jun 29/12 Great time, with good friends. Food was excellent. Fishing was tough as weather was hot and water warm. Caught some nice trout. See you some time in the future.
Peter Brewester and Group
Halifax, NS
Jun 27/12 Great fun with buddies.
New friends and excellent food from the "Singing Chef" and Mary Ann.
Fishing was tough-really warm weather.
Take care.
Carl Burt Ed King, Carl Froude
St. John's NL.
Jun 27/12 Great time. Great food. Great buddies old and new. Got 40 plus nice brookies!

Kevin Geroux
Maine, USA
Jun 27/12 Great people, fish, laughs and food!
Greig Cranna
Boston, MA
Jun 21/12 First trip to Igloo Lake. Met lots of new friends. Had a great time. was treated like a king. Cook's and guides were fantastic. Thanks for everything. Hope to return!
David Kay
Moncton, NB
Jun 21/12 My dream came true. Thank you very much!
Don Kay
Moncton, NB
Jun 21/12 I willingly agree to my buddy's comments. The usual top notch service we've become used to.
Lowell Henderson
Moncton, NB
Jun 21/12 Great fishing at Burton's Lake. Guides are great and cooks fabulous. Thanks for great memories.
Horace Constable (6 th trip to lake)
Horace Constable
Moncton, NB
Jun 21/12
Arrived last Friday noon to great fishing. Guides are good and cooking great. Really enjoyed week with all the guests.
Thanks to all

Durk Larson
Jun 14/12
June 12, 2012
Arrived at lake June 9th. Awesome fishing. 150 plus trout, 50 pike and 4 suckers. Food was great and all staff
excellent. Thank you so much Jim everyone had a fantastic time.
Dieter Staubitizer
St John's, NL


Date Comment Name & Location
Aug 20/11 Jim, Igloo Lake is so peaceful & therapeutic! Lot's of fun too! Great food & company with Lilly & Austin.........best cooks ever! Enjoyed the evening with Queen & Calvin......... I liked the bear stories! Caught a few big ones! Thanks to gentle Dougie and Justin. Thanks so much again........you have a piece of heaven here at Igloo Lake. Trish & Dave Greene
St. John's, NL
Jul 29/11 Thanks Vince & Dorothy for another great trip to Igloo Lake. Lot's of memories over the years. Thanks to Carl for great meals, Had a beautiful red sunset last evening, a fitting end to a great two days! Love you both. xxxx oooo Donna Jones
Goose Bay, Labrador
Jul 29/11 Igloo Lake, the best fishing trip of my life thanks to my son Nathan, my new fishing buddy. many thanks to Wayne for the lovely trips to Burton's Pond, to Carl for the super meals and Vince for having a great Lodge in the best place on earth! The worst part of this trip was getting out-fished by my son everyday! Thanks Nathan! Paul Warren
Dildo, Newfoundland
Jul 29/11 I had an amazing trip here at Igloo Lake Lodge with my Dad. The weather was awesome, the guide was amazing, the food was great and the fishing was plain AMAZING and unforgettable! Thanks Wayne for the "super fly" and thanks Carl for great meals. In total I caught over 150 fish!!! Nathan Warren ( 12 years old )
Jul 27/11 Came here with Vince & Dorothy after a few days at Flowers River Lodge. I did little fishing but did hook a 5 pounder which got away and i did see Vince hook two large brook trout in cabin pool. He's a better trout fisherman than me. Thanks jim, Vince, Dorothy and all! Rev. Joe Burton
Clarke's Beach, Newfoundland
Jul 23/11 Many fine fishing days! Some with rain and some with sun! Some heat and some cold! Outstanding trolling! Fine beautiful food! Quiet nights sleep! Fred Clarke + 2
Jul 15/11 Always a good time at Igloo Lake Lodge!
Burton Pond was super fishing! Stream fishing always good! Our 5th trip here!
Bill Barry, Ted Barry, Bud Garlock
1000 Islands, NY
Jul 09/11 I'm only 12 years old..........but I love Igloo lake Lodge! The biggest brook trout I caught was somewhere between 6 and 7 pounds! The biggest pike was 8 pounds! I would really like to thanks Wayne and Justin and Carl. I would also like to thank Cycil for being my guide for a day. Igloo Lake is the best and the people here are great! I'm going to tell everyone how great it is and I'm definitely coming back! In a few years I'll probably go to Flowers River. Thanks to everyone and I hope to see you all again. Bryce Moody
Auburn, Maine
Jul 09/11 Biggest trout 6 1/4 to 6 1/2 lbs by a certified weight scale. Dozens over 4 pounds! 8 pound pike made great breakfast food on morning! The Burton's catch & release policy at Igloo Lake has created the # 1 giant brook fishery in the world! Labrador birds seen this week include; northern waterthrush, black poll warbler, yellow warbler, fox sparrow, white crowned sparrow, white throated sparrow, gray jay, rusty blackbird, herring gull, bald eagle, myrtle / yellow rumped warbler, pine grosbeak, juncopy, loon, red-breasted merganser, scaup, black scooter, white-winged scoter, surf scoter, tern, robin, swainson's thrush and the yellowlegs! 23 in total! Mark & Helen Blazis
Grafton, Mass
Jul 09/11 Bryce's first fishing trip! Dreams do come true! I cannot imaging a better place than Igloo lake to introduce a 12 year old boy to trout fishing! Huge brook trout 6 to 7 pounds! We will be back! Thanks Vince & Jim! Great crew Justin, Wayne & Carl are the best! Wayne & Bryce Moody
Auburn, Maine
Jul 01/11 Our first of what we hope to be many, many trips to this beautiful Lodge! the fishing was extraordinary and we caught alot of trout over 6 pounds at Igloo Lake! The guides were extremely friendly and knowledgable and Carl's cooking was awesome. This is a very special place that will likely call us back for years to come. You should be proud of what you've developed here! Ken Bennett
St. John's, NL
Jul 01/11 From smaller brook trout in the streams to 7 pounders in the lake!
Brookies Extraordinary! Good food, good guides.......wonderful trip!
Craig Duncan
Averill Park, NY
Jul 01/11 6th trip in 7 years - another wonderful fishing experience! My last fish was a huge brookie at over 7 pounds! Horace Constable
Riverview, NB
Jun 24/11 Dougie & Justin put us on huge Brookies......6 to 7 pound range!
Thanks to Carl for great meals!
Carl Burt, Ed King, Carl Froude
St. John's, NL
Jun 24/11 I was the camp virgin! This is a very special place! WHAT BROOKIES! Randy Pemick
Gilford, NH USA
Jun 24/11 10th trip over 20 years! What memories! Great fishing at Burton's Pond! The Brookies were incredible .....in the 6 to 7 pound range.....numerous! Igloo Lake always gets better! Thanks to all the great staff! Tom Rock
Gilford, NH
Jun 24/11 Had a wonderful week ( as usual ) on my 17th trip to Igloo Lake Lodge. If the good lord allows, I shall return. John McGonagle
Gilford, NH
Jun 18/11 Had an excellent stay at Igloo. Great guides....Wayne, Justin, Doug and great food by Carl! Caught lots of BIG TROUT! Will be back next year! Mik & Catherine Wilkes
Jun 18/11 Fishing - Food - Friends all great! Lot's of fish in all areas! Back again in 2012! Thanks to Vince for a wonderful time & cooking was excellent! Kevin Geroux
Old Town, Maine USA


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