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Since 1973 Igloo Lake Lodge has been offering all-inclusive speckled brook trout fly-fishing in the unspoiled wilds of beautiful remote Labrador, Canada. Rest assured, we know how to offer a great fishing experience.

Last Guest's for this Season!

Sep 12 - Today is switch day and what a beautiful day it is! These six excited guys are off to Igloo Lake Lodge to fish for some Monster Brookies. The brookies are displaying some amazing s... [ Read More ]

Monster Brookie Released at Cabin Pool!

Sep 8 - What a Monster released tonight at Cabin Pool by professional guide Travis Pinsent. This Brookie is a whopping 9 pounds. Monster Brookies live at Igloo Lake Lodge! [ Read More ]

Beautiful Colors on Hugh Brookie!

Sep 4 - Huge Brookie with some amazing colours released by Makayla Gillingham......awesome job Makayla! Water levels are Med/High, and clarity is fair. The brookies are displaying beautifu... [ Read More ]

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Aug 12, Dwight Ball from Premier NL wrote: My journey to Igloo Lake started about 8 years ago at a local fundraiser. At the time Jim Burton was the owner and relentless promoter of the large Brookies in Labra... Aug 12, Jamie Schwartz from Corner Brook, NL wrote: Our trip started with a great flight from Goose Bay piloted by Jim Burton in the legendary Beaver Aircraft. It was a great start to an amazing 3 days of the best bro...

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