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Since 1973 Igloo Lake Lodge has been offering all-inclusive speckled brook trout fly-fishing in the unspoiled wilds of beautiful remote Labrador, Canada. Rest assured, we know how to offer a great fishing experience.

Great turn out at Marlborough Fly Fishing Show!

Jan 19 - Honored to have exceptional Igloo Lake Lodge ambassadors in our Igloo booth today in Marlborough! Thanks Bill, Ed & Mike - having you guys helping at the show is much appreciated! ... [ Read More ]

Visit us in Marlborough, MA on January 18 - 20!

Jan 12 - We're excited to be attending the Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough January 18 - 20! If you would like a FREE admission ticket please contact us on our Toll Free line at 877-725-6664... [ Read More ]

Having fun in Denver!

Jan 4 - We’re in Denver, Colorado at the Fly Fishing Show - if you’re in the area and want a FREE admission ticket please call us on our Toll Free line and we’ll get you a ticket. [ Read More ]

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Sep 14, Curtis Hofmann from Middle Grove, NY wrote: Great trip - wonderful experience! Never in my previous experiences elsewhere have I caught brook trout like here (I didn't think they existed). I am a complete ni... Sep 14, Charlie Aubee from Pittsburgh, NH wrote: Great Trip! Lost count of noteworthy fish! The keepers I caught, Mike & I recall; 7 - 2.5 pounders 3 - 4 pounders One day I caught & released two 5 pounders, o...

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