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Since 1973 Igloo Lake Lodge has been offering all-inclusive speckled brook trout fly-fishing in the unspoiled wilds of beautiful remote Labrador, Canada. Rest assured, we know how to offer a great fishing experience.

Epic day Arctic Char fishing + 28 Brookies released today at Burtons Pond!

Aug 14 - 3 Igloo Lake Lodge Sports released 50+ Arctic Char today in the foothills of the Torngat Mountains! 4 Igloo Lake Lodge sports released 28 Brookies at Burtons Pond today! A 7.5 p... [ Read More ]

Two guests release 10 Brookies today at Burton’s Pond!

Aug 12 - Paddy and Randell had great fishing today at Burton’s Pond - releasing 10 lovely Brookies! Stream fishing behind the Lodge (Archie’s Pool ) and Lloyd’s Delight Pool remain ... [ Read More ]

Additional guests arrive Igloo tomorrow.

Aug 9 - Brandon and Darren had great fishing this evening on Igloo Lake - they caught and released a 6 and a 7 pounder! Great work guys! 9 sports will fish beautiful Igloo lake this week.... [ Read More ]

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Aug 7, Chad, Fiona, Brian & Dennis Fowlow from Paradise, Goose Bay and Buchans, NL wrote: We had a great family trip to Igloo Lake Lodge. Three generations of Fowlow’s. Although the big brook trout were illusion we had lots of fun with Pike and smaller ... Aug 7, Mike Chelminski Steve Tobi from Purham, ME & Sheridan, WY wrote: Another wonderful adventure. Thanks to Jim and now Steve and Craig Gillingham. We floated gear and boat down to Eagle River from Byrne Lake. The Eagle was about 4 f...

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